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Crampy feeling in lower abdomen - pretty uncomfortable

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Starting this afternoon I have been feeling really crampy in my lower abdomen. It definitely feels like my uterus and not my intestines, although my belly does feel more distended then usual. It feels pretty constant, and is definitely uncomfortable enough it is hard to forget about it. I just sat down for a while and it didn't get better.

Do you think this could be growing pains, or something I should be worrying about. I haven't noticed the baby move in a while, but I only started really feeling her two weeks ago so I don't feel her all the time. I might also be a bit dehydrated too, so I am going to drink lots of water.

DD and I are going to bed soon so hopefully it feels better over the course of the night and not worse.
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There are times I feel crampy too. I've attributed it to baby moving. Some movements make me feel crampy. It's usually when she rolls. Those movements feel weird but don't typically last more than a few minutes. Maybe you're feeling bh?
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Personally, I would call my MW/OB just to let them know what was going on, then I would drink a TON of water, lay on a heating pad and rest for a hour to see if it gets better, hell take a tylenol if you need to (you can take only 1 if you want). Then if it doesn't get better, you will probably need to go visit your birth professional JMO, take it for what it's worth.

Good luck mama, I hope you feel better soon!!!
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I had the same thing yesterday myself- baby didn't move when I felt it and it was pretty uncomfortable.... along with crampy/pressure type feeling in my lower back.... I called my MW because the back pressure concerned me and she said it sounded like BH and call her if it gets worse (it didn't today.)
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You know what's weird, I had the same thing on Wednesday. I had my regular appt anyway, so I just told her about it when I got there. she wanted to check my cervix to make sure it wasn't early labor or changing anything and I was told to come back if it didn't go away or if it got worse. I'm fine today and even yesterday. I vote call them!!!

Jelinifer, I'm glad all is well today!!
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Hi guys. Thanks so much for responding so quickly!! I am just about to go to bed with a big kanteen of water, so I will see how I feel in the morning and call my midwife if I am still feeling it. I have a feeling if I call now she will just give me the same advice you all did.

Unfortunately I teach ballet at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't come back while I am teaching.
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This happens to me when I am dehydrated. Feel better.
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i thought about this, mine happened the morning after sex, is that a possibility?
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I actually get this often bewteen about 18-24 weeks. I think it's some constant stretching and baby positioning. We are due the same day and I have had this the last few days. I am a fan of calling HCP if you are concerned, but I do get the same thing and it never turns out to be anything. MY OB says it is probably constant lower internal ab muscle stretching. Guess that is what I get for trying to get to obtain hard abs between babies, lol.
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i would say you're dehydrated. i went to the hospital yesterday due to what you're describing...they made me drink a ton of water and they put an iv in me. they hooked me up to the monitor and it showed contractions ever 2-3 minutes. after about 2-3 hours letting the iv go through and water get down they took me to ultrasound and my cervix was showing no sign of change and it was at 3.9 cms. That's great! My contractions always started in the front and were not painful, but more like uncomfortable/tightening. Drink a ton of water-even if you can't rest, because you're always peeing! My contractions were gone when I left the hospital. It's the next day and nothing. Try not to lay on your back (they get worse for me that way). And make sure to not go awhile before you eat. Stay hydrated and make sure to eat.
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Thanks for the replies. After drinking lots of water and sleeping I felt fine the next day and was able to skip and jump etc. with my little ballerina's. I did notice my belly got a lot bigger in the last two days so I wonder if it was also stretching?!

I am trying to be better about drinking enough water... I just get put off because after drinking a couple of large glasses I usually end up peeing 10 times in a few hours.
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I concur with the need to drink tons of water. My OB/MW recommended 100oz or 3L every day. It's super hard to do, but I try to break it down into manageable amounts -- like 6 pint glasses (=96oz), or ten 10oz glasses, or 4 Klean Kanteen (750mL) bottles, etc.
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