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I'm Shedding Like Sasquatch In The Spring

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Title pretty much says it all.

This time around my postpartum hair loss seems like it is more significant than either of the other times before. Maybe it is because my hair is longer, but there is hair EVERYWHERE! I'm constantly picking hair off of the baby's clothes and unwinding strands from his fingers. It's like a miracle if I am able to cook a meal without strands ending up in the food. *sigh* At this rate I am going to need a wig.

Anyone else dealing with this? Anyway to minimize the shedding or do I just have to live with it?
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i hear ya. i'm always plucking hairs off my baby too... i try to keep my hair trimmed but it doesn't make much of a difference. i've also tried putting my hair up, but a strand or two still always ends up on me in strange places, or the baby, or dh. thus far it has been unavoidable for me. my little guy doesn't seem to care too much, but i feel OCD about it and keep pulling them off of him.
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I am not shedding this time, but boy, after my son was born, I was looking at handfuls of hair coming out. I read somewhere that the majority of the shedding comes from the fact that very little hair comes out while you are pregnant (hence why some women have awesome, thick, full hair while pregnant) and that postpartum, all the hair that would have normally shed starts coming out rather quickly.

The two things I did to combat it back then was to first make sure I was keeping on my prenatal vitamin. Second, a little less than once a week (even less if you also combating winter-y dry skin!) is to make a paste out of baking soda and just a little drop of your shampoo. Gently massage your scalp with this mixture to loosen up dry, dead skin and follicles. A vinegar (acv is the best for this) rinse also refreshes the scalp wonderfully!
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Yup! Me too! I'm pulling out handfulls in the shower and picking it off of everything! I've never had this before. So it's quite strange. The bath tub is starting to back up with water when I shower ... I have a feeling we will be calling a plumber soon!
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Not yet, but give me time. After ds, I lost every bit of hair around my hairline and it all grew in at once, so I had tons and tons of little wispy baby hairs fronding about my forehead. Not a good look. lemme tell ya. So who knows what's gonna happen this time. I wish that other body hair would fall out, not my head hair, ya know? Other areas could do with losing a bit and I wouldn't mind at all
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Last night my dh had to clean out the shower drain for the umpteenth time lol. So definitely have the pp shed going on here, especially around my hairline. I'm still taking my prenatals but it doesn't seem to be stopping it
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This JUST started for me! I was happily thinking I'd been spared the horrors of losing a lot of hair (my sis complains about that with every baby) and then all of a sudden, there's a ton more hair on the floor and in the shower every day!

Tip for Carrie and others to prevent plumbing issues: go to the grocery store, home depot, target etc and buy a hair catcher. $2 white plastic round thing to cover the drain with a raised center that has holes. You can use in tub or shower and it catches almost all of it, then just wait take the hair off it and throw in the trash.
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