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King vs Queen

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Two parents + one toddler + (hopefully) one infant = comfortable in a king or a queen sized bed?
Do we want a king or a queen sized bed? We sold our bed before we started travelling when dd was younger, but now we're settling in to a new house and need to buy a bed! We've been sleeping in a double with dd, and it's been more than a little cramped. The idea of a queen seems luxurious at this point, and a king seems almost excessive, but if we're lucky enough to have a second baby I don't want to be kicking ourselves for not spending the extra 200$ to get a king. You spend a lot of time in bed, so it needs to be the right sort of bed, I think.
So, what's the general consensus?
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I would go for the King. We had a King when ds1 was born. Shortly before dd was born, we added a Queen. We pretty much all slept on the King still, but it gave us extra room. As the kids got bigger, dh scooted over to the Queen. We still had this set up when we added ds2. All the kids still cosleep with us. Last November, ds1 turned 7. We reached a point where no one really wanted to sleep next to him because he kicks. So, we added a twin size mattress without box springs to the bed. This allows him to be right next to us but because he is on a lower level, he doesn't kick anyone else. He is quite happy. It also will allow us to have plenty of room when baby #4 arrives this Spring.
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I always told DH we needed a king if he wanted to stay married to me. And that was before we had DD.

I vote king.

ETA, yes, you spend something like a third of your life asleep in your bed...get a good one!
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Go for the King if there are that many of you! We just got a queen and are hoping it is big enough for me dh and our first coming babe. Which I think it will be. But with any more than that go for the King.
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Definitely a King. We upgraded from Queen to King when we added our second child to the bed. So worth it.
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Get a king! We have DH, DD 18m, DS 3yo, & I and it is still tight! I love the nights DH falls asleep on the couch lol.
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KING for sure! Our bed is the only thing DH and I have ever spent money on for a new item - seriously everything else we own is hand-me-downs or from consignment, but it was totally worth it. Toddlers take up a lot of room and if you enjoy cosleeping and think it's what works best for your family you might as well make it as comfortable as possible. It is NOT excessive at all. I currently have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old in bed with us.
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A king. I'm not one who can sleep well snuggly and my daughter tends to wander a bit. The extra wiggle room is so worth it.
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Get a King. Right now it's me, DS (6 mos) and DH in a Queen and it can feel cramped at times.
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Bed size

A queen is doable, but I would go for the King! We pushed together a double bed and queen for a while and had 2 adults, a 4 year old and a baby, and sometimes a 2 year old. It would be tight on a queen.
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KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, that is internet yelling.) As I tell my friends, I have blown a lot of $$$$ in my life but the money we laid out for our king size bed was some of the BEST I have ever spent. It is not an exaggeration to say it's changed my life. DH, DS1 (3) and DS2 (10 mo) and I all fit. Usually ds1 isn't with us. In that case I can sleep far enough away from ds2 that he's not all up on me. I think we both sleep much more soundly that way. Or, I can put him on the outside and actually cuddle with dh. And after ds2 was born I got ds1 used to napping on his own by having us all lay down in the bed but not all up on each other.
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Most definitely a king. We have a Cal King and we have a 3 y/o and a 7 month old. It's just enough room for the 4 of us. If you plan on BFing it would be better to have the extra room so you can switch sides without having to stay put in one spot.
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If you're planning to sleep 4 together, I'd definitely get a King. We got a Queen years ago before we ever thought about co-sleeping and while it's worked okay with one kid, we're having #2 now and there's just not enough room. We were like you before--a King just seemed ridiculous. Remember, you can always snuggle together no matter now big the bed, but if the bed just isn't big enough, there's no much to do about it.
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Another vote for a king. My hubby and I spent years sleeping in a full with the two of us. We moved up to a queen just before I became pregnant. Now the queen is too small for the three of us. In order for everyone to have enough space, we have the queen next to the full on the floor. It's okay but the mattresses are different heights so it definitely feels like two separate beds. I'm crossing my fingers to purchase a king in the future....
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We went from queen to king when DS was 2.5 and baby #2 was 3 months old. Definitely worth it!
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Hmm. I am going to say it depends. I have a king and I love it BUT we didn't get it until I was pregnant with #3 and we were comfortable in the queen. Now we have four in the bed with us and it still works pretty well, though when dh is home (he's military, so often he's not) one or both of the big boys go over on a twin size mattress beside our bed or in their room. As I said, I do love my bed, but it's really big and takes up a lot of space. It also looks a little silly, I think, because it's square and I prefer the proportions of a Queen. So.. how long do you think you'll be cosleeping? Are you are your dh fairly small people? At some point when #2 was a young toddler we had a crib sidecarred to the bed and that gave us some extra room (though no one actually slept in the crib). If we hadn't had more children, I thik we would have stayed with the queen and just put a twin sized mattress (or even a crib mattress or toddler bed) beside our bed for our oldest if things started to get cramped.
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At least a king.
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king. a queen is fine for 3 but I wouldn't want to buy the smaller one knowing we were adding a family member.
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NO question...a king.
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