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Hey all treasure mappers! I rarely visit MDC anymore except for TM time

I wanted to share a story with you that might help others... and Ithink it will help me.

I've been TM'ing for five years now (this will be my 5th map) and I've seen huge manifestations and also places where I'm very stuck. I hang my map on the wall next to my bed so I see it *constantly*... sometimes it's just "there" on the edge of my consciousness and sometimes I sit and stare at it. I also hang a corkboard next to it so I can add nifty stuff as the year goes on (cards, images, etc.)

Two years ago, my husband and I separated. We are very amicable etc. and we are free to date, etc. Last year, in my relationships area, I typed up a list of all the qualities I wanted in a life partner and wrote at the top: This year, the man of my dreams enters my life and he embodies these qualities: Well, two weeks later, I met a wonderful man who embodied most of those qualities. We fell in love and have spent ten months together. Unfortunately, he also embodied *other* qualities that I needed to experience to do some deep work within myself. I learned so much from this relationship and grew so much that it's astounding to me.

However, with that growth, I realized that this was not the man for me and I broke off our relationship last week. This has been a devastating time for me. I'm sad and disappointed and confused in many ways, yet I *know* deep in my bones that breaking it off was the right choice.

So, while my map manifested the PERFECT relationship for me for the time, I had to let it go in order to move forward. Realizing that has helped me to let go of some of the devastation and feel a deep gratitude, even though I'm deeply sad at the loss.

Maps and intentions are funny things... I think more often than not - at least for me - things happen that are absolutely PERFECT, but which seem "wrong" at the time... but if I let go of my resistance, and my judgment of them as "bad" or "wrong" they are allowed to work their magic in my life.

I'm very much looking forward to doing my TM this year
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EV Lowi,
haven't you made maps in the past? I thought you had.
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I am starting to get excited. I did two maps already, and this year will be my third one.

Again, March is turning out to be the most productive with many pieces falling into place.

So... when the time comes to work on my map this year, I will not only be collecting images and sayings, I will also get candles and incense going. Will lay out crystals around and try to direct the energy into my work.

Anyone did anything of the sort?
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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
EV Lowi,
haven't you made maps in the past? I thought you had.
Yes Tracy, I made a map with you last year, for the first time. It's very interesting how it worked out. I'm going to give it another go this year. Thanks for leading us through it, once again. {kiss, kiss}
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Sigh... release sounds so much nicer than crash & burn. But this is a crash/burn week or so. Plus we've been sick (2 or more family members minimum) for 4 weeks now! Argh!

I can really feel the whirlpool of energies created by the pull of winter's end (inward focus) running into the rising tide of spring's beginning (outward focus). It's like I want to be out and social and doing but end up running into "stay home/stay still" walls. And then when I decide that staying home/inwardly focused is the thing to do all of a sudden the doors fly open and tempt me back out to crash again. I sound kinda whingy don't I?

I can't wait for spring to be more fully sprung and TM to be a little closer.
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wow i can't believe how many posts are already up! this is my favorite part of mdc.

i never finished my map last year but i did put it up right beside my map from the year before. i'm still seeing results from the finished map from 08 actually.

i'm wondering what to do about the unfinished map from last year though?

also when there are things from previous maps that i still want some of which i have and would like to keep and others of which just haven't manifested yet.....well maybe thats a question for the actual map thread..... anyway i'm wondering about re-using images.....
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From what I've read Mars just turned Direct now, out of retrograde... this is a good time for plans to turn to action, so I wouldn't be surprised if last years maps start really showing some fruit right now.

I'm so tempted to make my map right now. *Hides all magazines from self.*
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Hey all, it's been AGES since I've been on MDC, but I never miss

Treasure Mapping!!

This will be my...fourth? year...wow, what an inspired thing for me to do every year. Last year I had a TM party and introduced a small group of girlfriends to it. It has impacted all of their lives.

If ever I have time, I'll take pics and post links to the maps w/ comments about how it has evolved and manifested for me over the last few years.
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subbing! i just checked in thinking it was close to tm time and i am glad i didn't miss it!
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Subbing as well!
This will be my first TM and I'm very excited! Thank you Tracy for all of your insight!
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subbing. I am glad to see there is another month before this year's treasure map. We are working on cleaning/clearing space in our house but it is slow going.
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everybody has been helping clean the house. we have been decluttering and dusting. the whole house is done except the ceiling fans and the yard. i am doing the ceiling fans today and DH is doing the yard next week. we will al be ready to go. last year we werent on it like this, but knowing that i wanted to declutter before TM really motivated me. which motivated everybody else.

this is my first year actually doing it. last year i read along. but this year me and my kids are going to do it. the day before i will buy the poster board and glue or whatever. i have been hanging on to all the magazines we have gotten. i am so excited. my mind has been swirling with all the possibilities for next year, with all the hope for next year.
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Here is the link to my article about Pisces NEW MOON.

I believe you will find it supportive as you all prepare for TreasureMap next month.

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Subbing! This will be my first TM, so excited!
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tracy, thank you for sharing!
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Omg, I just went and dug out my Treasure Map from last year which was behind a bookshelf. This is my 3rd one and we've moved a lot so I always make it, but I rarely keep it out. Well, I am SHOCKED at how much most of it has come true - and, most of it, only in the last month or two! We moved from the city to an old family farm a year ago and I made this poster right after we got here full of hopes and dreams and a bit idealistic. Over the year, we had one catasatrophe after another so I put my big ambitions on hold and narrowed them down to just one: restoring the log cabin and let the others go. I'm cracking up b/c in the last month or two, most of the rest of them came to fruition. I had completely forgotten what I'd put on mine but there it is. I'm not sure if it's supposed to work that way, but it's pretty freaking cool. I'm so looking forward to doing this again next year. Every year, I tweak it more and more. Plus, I follow Tracy's blog, so maybe that helps.

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Does anyone know already some of the things they want for next year? I'm trying very hard not to look for images, but I can't help but to make a mental list for my plans for next year.
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I have been focusing lately on releasing...for me some days that means running at the park with my kids, going on a long nature walk, taking a long hot bath, or some days it is just crying and listening to music and journaling (I am going through a divorce). I am feeling a little bit better. It is slow going but I am just focusing on releasing as much emotional as I can. I still have no idea what I am going to do for my TP but I am sure when the time comes I will know!

Hope everyone is doing well!
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