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Henry has a cold

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or some kind of bug. We all do. I'm pretty sure we picked it up at one of the visits to the ped. :sigh: He's nursing around the clock, which I expected. Hasn't developed a fever. He coughs and sneezes here and there and is slightly congested.

I'm going to pick up a humidifier today. Anything else I should be doing? I've never had a newborn or young baby get a cold or bug.
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Hi, I know I only periodically post here, but thought I'd jump in

I've had a couple newborns with colds, NO fun, so sorry!
Definitely get the humidifier. Also try the steam in the shower, if you haven't already. Breastmilk, or saline for babe's nose.

Uh oh, baby up....
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Nora has a cold, too it is so sad to see such a tiny baby sick. None of my other kids have gotten sick when they were this young. (she is 5 weeks) I havent done anything special yet b/c it is insane just taking care of her and my other kids. I've just suctioned her nose out, and kept her close to me in the carrier. She is having a hard time breathing at night. At least she is getting what she needs to fight this through my milk.

Hope Henry is better very soon
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My little one just got over a cold. The humidifer, steam tents (a towel and a bowl of steaming water), feeding all the time, the bulb syringe, and having him sleep a little inclined all seemed to helTp marginally... but mostly we suffered through it.
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my little one has a cold, too. Just a little congestion in the nose. Nothing too bad.

One thing I would look out for is retracted breathing... this is a sign that baby is having trouble breathing... :

from ehow:
Look at their chest for signs of retraction. The ribs and the bottom of the thoracic cage are pulled inward. The harder the baby is working to breathe the worse the retractions will be. Lift up the baby's shirt and watch their chest to see if they are retracting.


But otherwise, lots of rest, lots of fluids, steam as per the suggestions above.
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DDC crashing. You might try some peppermint oil in the humidifier (NOT on the baby, of course). That's what we do and I think it really helps.
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How is Henry today?
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Originally Posted by evinmom View Post
How is Henry today?
I know he's annoyed with all the coughing. We all are. The girls are at the tail-end of the cold. A lingering cough. H and I are in the middle of it.

His breathing is fine, but he of course hates having his nose suctioned. The steam shower and humidifier has helped.
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Poor baby! I hope you are both better soon! Evie was the only baby of mine that got sick within her first month. My mother gave her a bad cold when she was 3 weeks old. She was sick for well over a month. It was miserable, but at least I wasn't sick too.
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Aaliyah got sick on Christmas day from our 18 month old cousin. Half the family caught it. She's still congested although much better than before. I caved in after a week and gave her Children's Tylenol which made her miserable, so I stopped (cold medicines have the same effect on me). I'm using a humidifier, suctioning her nose, and I just bought some Vitamin D drops today. Oh, and of course, nursing all the time.
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DD had a cold too, my dad gave it to her when she was about 3 weeks. She never ran a fever so we didn't take her to the doctor, but she was really congested so we gave her a bit of infant cold medicine, which seemed to clear things up for her a bit. It didn't last too long, she was better in a few days. Just keep an eye on the breathing and make sure you don't hear any sounds in his chest. Hope he's feeling better soon!
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