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What to do?

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I have been fortunate enough to be a SAHM/WAHM to my 5.1 yo daughter for the last 3 years, and we were hoping to homeschool. Sadly, circumstances have dictated the necessity of my returning to work soon. I am OK with this and we have a great Waldorf school nearby where we're enrolling her for Fall. Which brings about my question: what do we do between now and mid-August? There are a few preschools that seem suitable, but they are all half-day schools, and the job is full-time. I really don't want to put her in a mainstream preschool/pre-k, but it's starting to look like my only option. Any advice?
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Any at-home moms who have a waldorf-inspired home daycare?

Where do you live? I'll help you look!
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Stupid question maybe, but have you asked if the Waldorf school can enroll her now? Otherwise, it unfortunately seems like either another mom's homeschoolish environment or a mainstream solution are your only options.
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Our Waldorf school has close relations with some of the Waldorf homeschooling families; some of them offer child care in summers, school breaks, or as needed. You can ask the school administrator if she knows of any such arrangements locally.
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Thanks for the help! We are in Atlanta, and honestly I was kind of hoping to find a waldorf-y at-home daycare or homeschooling mom to care for her, but I don't really know where or how to start looking. I'm going to call the school tomorrow to see if they know of anyone or if they have an immediate opening. Great suggestions!
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Call Lifeways. They are a waldorf daycare program (for lack of better terms) that help accredit daycares in the US. Maybe they'll have some leads for you.

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if you can't find a waldorf style daycare, shop around and see if you can find one that is sort of alternative: wholesome snacks, outdoor play, no TV. There should be someone who provides care that won't be too far off from your core values. You could also check find your tribe on this board.
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Where do you live? I run a waldorf-inspired home childcare and also monitor a natural childcare group on Yahoo - I can put out a post for you to the providers to see if anyone is in your area.
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We are in the Atlanta area. Thanks for your help! BTW, just visited your website and I love!
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