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sleep thrashing?

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Roslyn is teething, so maybe that's the problem, but often during the night she will thrash around and I don't know why. she throws her head from side to side, kicks her legs and grunts & groans. we swaddle her but she does this both swaddled and un-swaddled.
eventually sometimes she'll wake up and cry for food, but not always. the more I tune in I realize that she will eventually settle on her own if I don't pick her up, but not always. so it keeps me awake as I wonder if I have to nurse soon.
is this bad dreams, or teething?

I've been sleeping on a mat on the nursery floor with her, alternating between putting the baby on the mat and in the hammock and I've gotten a couple 2-3 hour sleep stretches. in our bedroom she was in the co-sleeper and would not settle, even if I brought her in bed with me. we were up every 45 minutes-1 hour.
any advice???
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dd does that when she has a wet diaper. She gets very wet diapers though, as mine seem to be heavy wetters.
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