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What do you love about being a Mommy to your November baby??

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Just a fun thread idea.... What do you all love about being a mommy to your November baby? I will start

I love his calm nature it really brings extra calm and peace to the house.

I love that I get to be a Mommy again to another little boy.

I love his little hands he gets calm when holding someones fingers be it mine or even Ds1's

I love the way that he follows Ds1's voice and the smiles that only Ds1 seems to get him to make

I love the fact that when I saw him for the first time I had the same "There you are I knew it would be you" feeling and thought.

::this one is selfish:: but.... I love that if he was crying when someone else is holding him that when I take him and hold him he calms right down

I love the way he falls asleep he curls up in me and nuzzles his head in my arm and makes a big deep sigh, then again about 5 minutes later

Okay I better stop now
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I love how deeply connected I feel with her.

I love how when she doesn't have anything else to do, she falls asleep.

I love the little sounds she makes when I pick her up.

I love how cuddly she is.
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I love hugging her. She is so huggable. I just want to cannoodle her cheeky-cheeks.

Sometimes when I am nursing her, she will be looking up at me, and I will smile at her. She will smile back and accidently break the suction, which startles her and she'll jump a little bit. Then she'll ferociously latch back on. It's so cute I can't stand it.
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- i love how he opens his eyes really wide, & does a headbob thing when trying to focus or look at something.

- i love how he holds my finger

- i love it when he gets that big, silly, awkward grin on his face

- i love how he makes little "aaahhhguuuuhhh" and "huuuuu" sounds

- i love his feet/toes and hands

the list could go on forever he is so perfect, i really love everything he does.
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I love it when her eyebrows furrow in concentration

I love her ear to ear grin (even if it precedes a crying jag)

I love her amazing blue eyes and gorgeous face

I love her smell

I love kissing her head
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I love rubbing their heads....it's so soft and furry.

I love that I knew them in the womb... Clarke is independant and Luke is much more tactile.

I LOVE Clarke's smile and laugh.

I love how cuddly Clarke is.

I love how happy Clarke is in the morning!

I love how Luke sleeps through the night.

I love that Luke looks like me!


I love being a mommy!
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-I love to nuzzle her head and help her drift off to sleep
-I still love the milk-drunk stupor
-I love her getting up in the mornings, she's very happy and social
-I do love that I'm the most important person to her...it's easy to forget when you get busy.
-I love it when she "talks"

She's just 7 weeks, FYI
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I love when we have conversations and she looks deep into my eyes and acts like she understands everything I'm saying, and comments with an 'uuuuhg' or 'haaaaaaa'.
I love her chubby feet.
I love how she gets her feet going when she's getting fussy.
I love how she smiles in response to my smiles.
I love how she grabs hold of my fingers when she's eating and doesn't let go until she's good and done, lol.
I love to hold her close and listen to her breathing.
I love that I get to be a Mommy to two beautiful girls.
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I love what a talker he is and how sometimes I swear he says mommy and daddy and I love you, but his fav word is clearly goooo.
I love how he looks like a different person in the tub and totally gets quiet and thoughtful in water
I love the way he stares at people without a care in the world, but if its a cute girl who catches him he'll turn away, blush and nuzzle into me. (pretty sure he thinks his name is cute)
I love how hard he works at trying to control his body, he is so strong.
I love his toofless full grin.
I love the way his cheeks fall and he drools when we play the flying game. He loves that game...
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The big grins all day long...even smiling around his pacifier or bottle after he's calmed himself if he's been crying...

The close attention he pays to me when I am signing at him; I think he can't wait to talk and knows that he'll be able to sign before he'll be able to talk!

The apparent desire to learn to move; he's ready to GO, just can't quite coordinate it yet!

The better sleep he's been giving us lately. *knock on wood!*

His general easy-goingness. *knock on wood again*

My growing love....my heart is starting to burst!

10.5 weeks...
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I love that we're starting to see his personality - big smiles and laughs, skeptical looks when he's trying to figure stuff out.

I love that he's trying to figure out how to move, but he can only manage to wiggle himself 90 degrees during tummy time. He's also kicking his legs, like he wants to get up and dance.

I love his fat belly!

I love that he's figuring out how to get his fist in his mouth - it's amazing to watch the process.

I love snuggling before bed, and that it seems to help him sleep soundly.

I love that he brings smiles to the faces of complete strangers.

I love that he still has fuzz on his ears and butt ... it might be weird if it sticks around too long, but right now, it's straight up adorable!
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