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Is this early labor???

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Dumb question for a third time mom, but with my first two I had premature rupture of membranes 24 hours before I could feel contractions. Today around 3pm I had pink mucous and it has turned to brown, sometimes pink tinged, not a lot of fluid, but staining the tissue and a pad. I am having contractions that are getting more noticeable, but not very regular. Does the bloody show mean that labor is going to get started soon or does this kind of thing go on for days??? Thanks for any responses, I am going to bed ASAP to get some rest!
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It may or it may not. Not the answer you were looking for Im sure. Losing you plug isnt an immediate sign of labor. If you rest and hydrate and they slow down or go away, then its just practice. If they become regular and closer together then its the real deal. I would try not to think about it until you cant do anything but think about it. Then you will know for sure. Good luck! Hope you get some rest.
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It could go either way, which stinks, right?? I have found it so hard this time around not to hyperanalyze every potential sign of labor. I keep having to remind myself... if it's labor, it won't go away! If it's labor, something will happen!

Here's hoping the bloody show means something happens soon for you...
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It was the start for me last pregnancy, but things didn't really pick up until my water broke. Then it was super speedy!
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Just an update! I had some contractions on Sunday night with the brownish mucous, nothing all night or in the morning. Went for a 1 mile jog/2 mile walk in the morning and came home around noon and made some food...tiny contractions started again and water broke with a big gush at 12:45. I had slow, easy contractions until 4pm, when they were about 4 min apart, midwives came at 5pm, checked me and I was around 6 cm! I got into the tub when the contractions were hard to ignore and started pushing without realizing I was that close within a few hours! I pushed with the contractions, gently, for a few...and pushed like I meant it for about 15 min (got out of the tub first). Great delivery of a 9lb 6oz boy at 8:47! It was an amazing and blessed birth!
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Congrats to you! That is wonderful!!
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