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any other canadians??? - Page 2

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hello from montreal!

i'm originally from toronto area, but moved here a few months ago... i'm due in march with our first!

hi to all that other canadians too!
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Hello and welcome from another Canadian, in Ottawa!
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Finding your tribe

There's a Canada forum in the Finding Your Tribe section. It can be slow-going if you're not in Vancouver though! lol

Welcome here
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Hey, there, neighbour! Fellow Windsorite, here. Hope you're back on your feet, soon!
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Welcome from the East Coast! I'm in NB, born and raised here, but I've also lived in NS, in BC (Victoria) and in ON (Hamilton).
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Hi from Peterborough, Ontario!
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Hi I am in Toronto (Etobicoke actually) 12 years now-originally from Sault Ste Marie (still home)
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Hi! I just joined. I'm in Nanaimo atm and will be for another year before (hopefully) moving back to Greater Vancouver. I grew up in Alberta and have lived all over Western Canada and in Japan and Chile

I have a 2.5 year old daughter. We are TTC our second atm. So far my last period is six days late but the tests are coming back negative so we are waiting... yay (sarcastic).

Can't wait to talk with you guys.
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hello from bc! we are in the mountains, on kootenay lake in a small town called kaslo.

congrats on your new baby!
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Kaslo... is that near Grand Forks? My parents are building some property there and I think they might have mentioned it. Nice area. I hear Christina Lake is pretty gorgeous

Thanks for the warm welcome.

ETA I looked at a map and I guess it's not that close lol
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welcome from victoria!
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Hi and welcome from London Ontario
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Welcome to Mothering!
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Welcome to MDC!
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Hello fellow canadians! Im living inMontreal, but I am orriginally a Nova Scotian.
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Hi from Edmonton!
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Hi there! I am also from Windsor. Welcome to the board.
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Hi from Ontario - I live in Halton, work in Peel. MDC is a great place
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