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Greetings All, hoping everyone is staying warm this fine January day.

ok so i was due to o saturday and for the last 6 months my cycles have been pretty much working like clockwork, which is a blessing compared to previous times...
With ovulation i dont need to temp or anything becuase I have huge amounts of discharge and i am heavy in the abdomen and VERY hungry...USUALLY....
saturday night and sunday night I have felt like I was overheating, my face is bright red and flushed and I feel like a furnace. Saturday I actully thought it might be an allergic reaction to something then when it happened again last night I am no longer sure. I also have a more then just heavy feeling in my lower abdomen and its even a little pushed out and have spent today with lots of naseau. The last few are classical signs of pregnancy for me, but i am confused about the warm blottchy face? is it possiable that I am pregnant before even showing signs of O?
could the hot flashes be a sign of O ?
what are your thoughts?
Thanks and good luck to all