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Business Opportunity/Product Name: Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a direct selling company offering chocolate as well as baking and candy making supplies.

Brief description: Dove Chocolate Discoveries offers exclusive Dove products through home shows or directly shipped to the 48 continental US states. Orders are placed through an independent chocolatier.

Cost/Investment/Price: There are different business kit options available. The two standard kits are $149 and $449. Sometimes there are promotions for less than this. Until the end of January, 2010, there is a kit for $79. The kits include food products and paperwork to start the business.

How long have you been associated with this opportunity/product? I've been a chocolatier since August of 2008. The company has been doing direct sales since spring of 2007.

Quality: The products are all premium quality backed by the Dove/Mars name.

Customer Service/Communication: Because it is a new company, there's not a lot of hierarchy to go through to get help. Any chocolatier can call 'field services' (the home office) with any issues or concerns.

Would you recommend this Opportunity/Service to others? Absolutely Basic profit starts at 25% paid twice a month for orders submitted by the 15th and the last day of the month. A TREAT yourself program offers new starts an even higher profit tier.

I give it (How many out of five?):