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happy to FINALLY be joining you!!!!!!!

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it was a long and arduous road, but i'm here on the other side

i've been a single parent for about a month now, and it's mostly good, but we have some behavioral issues to work through, so that's kind of tiring. ex had gotten them used to eating out a lot, and of course we can't afford that now, so that's one.

but we have PEACE and i have FREEDOM. the kids are a lot more affectionate and there's more laughter in the home now that we're not always walking on eggshells.

anyway, that's it, just wanted to say hi and am so thrilled and grateful to be here and grateful for you all
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Peace and Freedom are wonderful things to replace walking on eggshells with.

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Your post sounds so joyous and free.

The date my stbx moves out keeps getting pushed ahead...I hope that in a few weeks time I'll be writing such a happy sounding post too.

I'm very excited for you!
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Welcome to your new eggshell-free life! It's wonderful over on this side. Enjoy it.
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that euphoria in the first few months is an awesome feeling. things normalize over time, but almost a year later i can say with certainty that it's fantastic. poverty and stress are pretty huge downers, but the freedom to laugh out loud in my own living room without getting glared at is more than worth it. now go put on some of that music he always hated and cook something you think is delicious that he always complained about.
welcome to the club, glad you could join us!
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ditto here with eating out.

but i have talked to my dd about well balanced diet and the care and love i prepare it with. plus now she helps too - so it helps. thankfully ex buys her healthy food.

you are doing marvelously for just a month. i was a complete mess at the end of the month though i didnt show it much.
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Welcome!!! I'm not around very often because I'm in school and get super busy during the semester, but I do know that this is a great group of parents here.

I'm glad that everything is falling into place for you. You sound very happy and excited to start the next phase of your life. Congratulations!
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YAY!!!!! I was actually thinking of you a few days ago and wondering how you were. I know this has been a long time coming for you and I'm glad you are at peace now. Enjoy your freedom!
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hey, thanks everyone!!!

one of the great things that's happening is that the kids are starting to do some cooking--even getting out the cookbook themselves and putting stuff together and DS is getting to be quite the bargain hunter

last week, one of my friends came over and we had fun playing dress up with DD. the house we were living in before was a shambles and we couldn't have ANYone over, so it's really nice

i don't know if anyone else ever felt like this, but there was a time towards the end of the marriage when i looked around at everyone and wondered how anyone got anything done at all. i felt like i just managed to do the very minimum to survive, and i felt totally powerless over much of my life. now, i feel like i've rejoined the human race, and i can get things done almost effortlessly. it's so rewarding.

and i must tell you that when i went to gay pride last year, the dj debuted his mix of Whitney Houston's "I didn't know my own strength," and i cried right there on the dancefloor because it so fit what i was going through. at the end of the song, she sings, "I got to know my own strength..." and that's how i feel now

and for those of you who haven't made it out yet and the situation looks hopeless, keep the faith, it won't last forever
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