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amber teething necklaces

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hi - just wondering if these have worked for your teething babes. one of my twinks is not a happy camper right now and am wondering if they are worth the $$$.
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Well, the necklace I bought cost 21 dollars. That seems to be the standard price for a genuine baltic amber necklace designed for teething. You may be able to find one for less through the trading post here...

I didn't use one for dd1 or dd2, but we are using one on ds right now. Personally, I adore amber and like the way it looks. I find it soothing to the touch, and there is some scientific support for it's use as a mild pain reliever. In terms of DS, I've noticed that he is a bit less fussy when wearing his necklace. DH has noticed this as well... actually, he tends to notice the opposite. He tends to comment on how fussy ds is on those days when I've forgotten his necklace.

So... I think it may help and it can't hurt.
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dd has been wearing hers for just over 3 mo, and her teething process has been a cake walk relative to what I hear from most other moms. she just doesn't seem as uncomfortable as she "should" be given what's going on in there. I think it was totally worth the money (I also paid $21)
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My daughter is 13 mo and has 12 teeth already and 4 more on the way. She has some night-time discomfort when the gums are swollen but seems to be in very little pain. In her 13 mo she only cried one time when the back molars were coming in, they popped out that night and that was the end of it.

She has worn her honey colored amber necklace 24/7 since she was a few weeks old. I think there is a dramatic difference between this teething experience and the one with my first daughter who did not wear the necklace.
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i swear by amber! dd is less fussy, and went from spitting up 3 times a day to once every 3-5.
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I've noticed no difference between wearing the amber necklace and not.

They are incredibly cute, though.
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