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Middleton, Idaho

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So, my hubby and I just put an offer down on a house in Middleton today (sight unseen, though that will change in March and our offer is contingent on us liking it in person). Looking for homeschool, hb groups in the area. I'm also a midwife in my current state but don't currently qualify to practice in Idaho. Anyone know of a midwife or midwives that practice around that area and would be interested in an assistant?
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Try The Baby Place in Meridian. Wonderful bunch of ladies. Welcome to Idaho!!!
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Welcome! We moved to Star (just down the road from Middleton) from Texas about 6 months ago and we love it here. Middleton is pretty nice, and though personally I prefer to be closer to Boise, you will be closer to Nampa and Caldwell which have a lot to offer in terms of shopping, services, etc.

I was 36 weeks pregnant when we moved and had a homebirth with Rose & Ian Penwell (www.thenaturalalternativemidwifery.com). I also second the recommendation for The Baby Place (www.thebabyplacehome.com) although they are so busy at the birth center, they don't do homebirths. Also check out www.idahomidwives.org . I don't know if you are aware, but Idaho passed legislation last spring and will soon be licensing direct-entry midwives. I think you basically have to be a CPM to be licensed, though, with a few narrow exceptions.

If you need any recommendations for doctors, chiros, churches, grocery stores, etc, let me know.

There are a TON of homeschooling resources in Idaho. Someone emailed me a list when I first moved here, and I am just going to cut & paste it for you below :

www.homeschoolidaho.com (Idaho Home Educators Assoc.--resource listings)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SIHI (Southwest Idaho Homeschooling Information)
lahtanaka@wwdb.org (Lee Anne Tanaka coordinates the homeschool field trip group and also sends out homeschool-related announcements to about 400 families on her email list. If anything is happening for homeschoolers, Lee Anne passes the word.)
www.iche-idaho.org (Idaho Coalition of Home Educators)
http://www.chois.org (Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State)
www.myhomeschool.org/cheer (CHEER Christian homeschool support/activity group; meets monthly)
www.classicalathome.com (support group with monthly meetings/activities; conducts a huge used curriculum sale each July)
www.teachcoop.com (a co-op offering semester-long classes on Fridays)
www.excelsiorcoop.org (Christian homeschool co-op in Nampa--provides classes, activities, and presentation nights for students; website has a resource page)
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That's great! I really appreciate the info.
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Just wanted to say Hi I am in Middleton. I hope all goes well with your move and your new house.

what is bringing you to idaho?

Oh also I did the teach coop last year it was fun.
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Thanks, but we just found out we lost the house. Bank kept us dangling for weeks, but is accepting a different offer. Doesn't matter, we are moving to Idaho anyway. Idaho has what we are looking for; we can live within 30 min of an LDS temple without there being a glut of members (I happen to enjoy having non-LDS friends!), it has mountains and rivers and plenty of chances for outdoor activities, midwifery and home school laws are great, and it has snow without being overwhelming (like it can be here in MN).
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Well I do not know if you are still looking in the Middleton area but there are alot of houses for sale out here.
Sorry you did not get the house you were trying for.

Let me know if I can help with anything.
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Thanks, I appreciate it. We are actually looking more towards Eagle, that type of area. My husband wants to be able to walk out the back door and run up a mountain, if he so desires!
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Nice that is a very nice area. Good luck and like I said if there is anything I can do let me know.
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How about suggestions for children's activities? We are bringing all 6 kids with us and will have down time that we will need to fill. Is there a kids museum (might as well get some home school out of this) or budget movie theater or anything along those lines?
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When are you coming ? I ask because if it is warmer when you come there is a ton of great parks around and some really good ones in the eagle area.

here are some things I can think of off the top of my head.
http://www.scidaho.org/Visit_Us/Admission_and_Hours.php at the bottom of this link there are some other museums listed
http://rafikiplay.com/ this is a play place they are a little spendy I have not taken my kids but I know people who love it.
http://www.monkeybizness.com/boise_city/01boise.html Another pay to play place.

Movie theaters.
http://www.northernlightscinemagrill.com/index.php this a new one I have not had a chance to go yet but I have friends that have went a few times and love it.

Hope that helps.
if I think of anything else I will let you know.
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Thanks a lot! We're heading out tonight and should get there sometime Sun evening.
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How was your trip?
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It was absolutely crazy. We left around 1:00 A.M. Sat morning (we wanted to drive at night for the first stretch so the kids would sleep through a good bit, but got an even later start because there was going to be an open house while we were gone and we wanted to clean real well), and arrived Sun around 6:00 P.M. By Mon around 10:00 P.M. I was at the hospital with one of my kids getting him checked for appendicitis. He was in surgery by 1:00 A.M. and got released at 8:45 P.M. Tue evening. In between everything (we even managed to run out of gas in Montana on the way out and ND on the way back) we were driving all over the Boise and surrounding looking at towns and houses. My son was good by Wed, climbed a mountain!, and Fri right before we left we found the subdivision we want to live in. My hubby loved Hidden Springs, so we are waiting for a big enough house to come on the market and/or going to rent while we build if something isn't available by the time we move. Left around 6:00 P.M. Fri, made it to the movie theater in Fargo on Sat in time for the 4:50 showing of Avatar (we promised the kids that if they did well we would take them to see it in 3D) and got home around 10:00 to find that the plumbing repairs (my contractor apparently had a heart attack scare) weren't done and my sister hadn't finished cleaning up after her SO finished laying the laminate flooring in our lv room. We ended up crashing and then frantically cleaning on Sun to get it ready for the open house only to have 1 couple show up. It was Canada vs US for hockey in the Olympics and hockey is big out here so everyone was home watching the game. Oh well, at least we found the area of Idaho we want to move to!
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