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40+ TTC a New Year for a New Person

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Welcome to the 40+ TTC Thread
Previous Thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1121388

Welcome to the 40+ TTC Thread!
Babies Born

noordinaryspider (42) Terran born 1/18/08
Hockeylover/Juls (44) Twin Girls born 12/08 (juls is 44)
kbhlmh/Karen (47) Kevin (boy) born 12/05 when I was 44y2m. FYI - natural conception!
Juneau (44): Baby Girl Eliza Jane born 1/12/09
DoulaMomVicki: Edie Mae born 1/25/09
WV Mommy/Erika (41): Josiah Born 2/5/09
Veganmama719 (41): Declan James born 8/2/09
saoirse2007 (39): It's a Girl!!! Rauri born 8/16/09
ElliesMomma(41) Welcome Shawn Robert born 09/8/09
Pookietooth/Jen (44) Baby Girl 10/28/09
Stealthee A new baby boy, born 1/31/10
Grace24(39) Xavier, born 2/15/10
Sunrise/Sara (43) Lucy, born 2/28/10


spreston/Shelley: EDD 5/24/09 ???? anybody hear from her?
zonapellucida (40) EDD 3/09/10
Buzzer Beater/sara (45) EDD 6/07/10
LisaSedai (41) EDD 6/23/10
pitchfork (40) EDD 8/27/10
kel32brown/Kelli (43) EDD 10/15/10
halifax40(42) EDD 11/18/10http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/20a8a0
karen1968 (41) EDD 11/25/10


2bpeaceful (40)
ACsMom/Jen (39.5)
amydearmas (41)
Arianwen1174 (40)
bagare (42)
beachlover (43)
BHappy/Karen (42) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/27628e
berinjela (40)
bilbi (40)
can't wait/Felicia (41.5)
carfreemama (42)
Dhopper (43)
edwardsmom (44)
Finding Serenity
Jennifer1970 (39)
Joyluc (45)
karmab (41)
KaydasMom (41)
kbhlmh (47) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/8fcb8
kittyl/Kitty (41)
Kristin0105 (44) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1dfb40
LitMama (42)
lovestolearn (47)
lovbeingamommy/Kate (45)
MassaginMommy/Laurie (46) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/8fe89
MI_Dawn (39) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/212b8a
Miracle and Wonder/Candida (45)
Msgoodbuns (45) - single, dating, acting and ttc'ing!
my other age is 34 (45)
nicksmom03 (43) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1734a6
noordinaryspider/Heather (45)
Ompath (40) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/237d98
Rainpainter (41)
reikibirth/Toni (45)
salt phoenix (41)
Sapphos/Laura (41)
SecretBeach (40)
Shami (40.5)
Shellbell62/Shelli (46) http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/16f6a4
shy (40.5)
Sneezykids/Kelli (40)
Susan aka Speedknitter(45)
TheSnowQueen/Susan (46)
Waturmama (43)


homebirthy/Amy (42)
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A copy (with a few irrelevant bits edited out) of my last post on the old thread:

OMG, I did it! I started the new thread!! Please send me some energy that this doesn't somehow be the straw that is just too much for my life!! Really I think it will be okay. I do check frequently. I love this place. I am so grateful to MM and happy to give her a break. So here I go. We'll see how it is. No promises that it is more than once.

massaginmommy Yay you!! For your long reign, thankyouthankyouthankyou

2bpeaceful, do you want to be on the hopefuls list?

Anyone!, I am open to other thread title ideas.
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Can you add me to "Hopefuls"? My name is Heather and I'll be 45 the next time I ovulate. I'm mostly a lurker, but some of you may remember me from when I was TTC my son, Terran, born 1/18/08 when I was 42.
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Thank you Waturmama for taking on this job. I guess you can put me in hopefuls although I am still a bit ambivalent.
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Thank you Waturmama! :Flowersforyou

I like the title. Am really hoping for a new person this year!

Once more, heartfelt appreciation to MassaginMommy for keeping the thread throughout the fall and into winter. It was hard to let go of that thread, but I am really looking forward to this new one!

I've been studying Taking Charge of Your Fertiltiy as well as Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis. And doing regular charting for the first time (I haven't missed a day since Jan 1). I feel like I am doing a science project.

Have any of you soaked your feet in warm water? It is one of the things Dr. Lewis recommends. I did a short-cut version of it today - put one foot at a time into a bucket of warm water while standing in the tub ... anyway, my feet got tingly after a minute or so in the water. It was not uncomfortable, but it was interesting. Will try to do the foot-soak sitting down sometime later today and compare.
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Thank you Waturmama! I like the new title.

2bpeaceful: I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing okay both physically and emotionally.

Welcome back Spider! I joined MDC around the time your DS was born, but I know your story from reading old posts. It was very inspirational for me.

AFM, I'm still just waiting around. No signs of labor. Today is the 1 year anniversary of my m/c at 10.5 weeks. I am so grateful to have this little one in my belly waiting to be born, but I still feel the loss of my little bean a year ago. And it feels wrong to forget about that tiny life that brought my DH and me such great joy and hope if only for a few weeks.
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Hooray ! A new thread for the new year

I, too, thank mm for holding the previous thread. And to you waturmama, many thanks for taking on this new adventure. I hear threadkeepers get the best luck.

Please update me to age 42. I had a bday in December.

Much love to all,
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Thanks to you both waturmama and massaginmommy!
I'm still checking in...despite feeling the disappointing possibility that our hopes of just one more babe is fleeting.......

Hello again spider!


It's a brand new year.......hoping to share in the joy of welcoming some brand new little people this year!
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Hi everybody, Happy New Year... time is flying!

I've got two books to share if anybody wants them just pm me your address and I'll ship them out this week.
One is: The Fertility Diet by Chavarro and Willett. Not sure if it could teach you guys anything you all seem to be up on diet, but maybe somebody here needs to brush up. It contains a lot of info from that huge study they did on nurses.
Two is: The Infertility Survival Handbook by Elizabeth Swire Falker. It's for couples considering going high tech, and helps you understand what to expect if you take that path. It was invaluable for us.

AFM- starting to show and very happy. We found out our little girl has club feet last week. A huge disappointment, quickly replaced by the joy that it looks like nothing else is wrong. Our FISH test came back fine, no trisomies, and the full panel will take another two weeks. I'm headed to Belize with my mom in Saturday to relax... too bad no cervezas this time!
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Infertility Survival Handbook
Just popping in to say that I read this book (from the library) and found it very well written. With compassion and humour as well as substantial information, clear explanation. (and I have read quite a few in this genre)

I am not planning to go this route (then again, who is?) and still I found it a very good read.
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So glad to see you all here!

BuzzerBeater, so exciting that you are showing!! Glad that all is well other than the club feet, which from my brief look sounds like it can be helped. And a girl! That's news, too, isn't it? Very wonderful!!

Bhappy, I'm loving the threadkeeper luck thought, thank you.

Stealthee, for your little spirit babe. Sounds like that one really touched your heart. I think they all do in their own ways.

noordinaryspider, thanks for stopping by. I was very happy to add Terran to the babes born list. I love that list! Good wishes on your 40+ fertility bringing him a sibling soon.
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Thanks Waturmama for giving thread leader a go.

Thanks also to Massaginmommy for all you have done.

AFM, I'm 11dpo and got a BFN today on an EPT:-(. I was feeling really really hopeful, so may subtle signs, like blood in my nose, which I haven't had since I don't know when, and bleeding gums, but then yesterday I saw a tiny bit of EWCM which for me always seems to mean AF is on her way, which is why I tested, as I just couldn't believe it. Naive, I know...lol

I had planned to wait until the day AF was due to test as I have really found the BFNs difficult with the vicious cycle of testing, waiting, testing waiting just to have AF show. But, I guess seeing the EWCM, I just needed to confirm that I actually was not pregnant.

The only plus is that this is the first cycle in a few months where I have had no spotting as of yet. So even if I get some tomorrow, I will have at minimum then a 12 day LP.

Sorry to ramble so, I'm just feeling so disappointed and I know you all understand.
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Add me to getting ready!

Hi all!

I was just wondering if I could be added to the getting ready list, please

I am 42, and so is DH and we are planning on starting TTC'in in about 3 months, give or take. We each have a child from a previous relationship, I have a 16 yr old dd, and DH has a 14 yr old ds, and we would love to have at least 1 together. We have tried IUI's ... that was back in 2007... but come to find out, I was a latent type 1 diabetic! Thought I was sick, and went to the dr and wow... wish it had just been the flu! Also found out a few months ago, that my thyroid is going the way of my pancreas, and I am on thyroid meds. Hoping with my medical issues taken care of, eating a pro baby diet, supplements and other goodies to help the babies come our way (we hope!) we figure in 3 months we will be good to go. Let everything sink in and get ready!

Hope everyone is having a great week!
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Welcome back, spider!
Bagare, have you been tested for celiac? It's commonly associated with autoimmune conditions such as Hashi's and type 1 diabetes.
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No I haven't Pookietooth, but it will be a great thing to do! Thanks for pointing that out!
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what do you think ? Sperm living four and a half days ? Likely or remote possibility ?

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Thank you for such a warm welcome back, everyone.

BHappy, I have heard of sperm living as long as 8 days, or so an over 35 friend says this is how her "oops" baby came to be, but I would not consider it likely. My interpretation of the chart from when ds was conceived had me Oing two days after the insem (Fertility Friend's interpretation has my O so many days later that he is a physical impossibility).

I wish you luck. My donor says he always recommends erring on the side of "too early" rather than "too late".

AFM, Terran is a bright, busy, affectionate two year old now. He still nurses a lot, but PPAF came back on its own when he was about 15 months old. One of my major problems in conceiving him, lack of fertile CM, seems to have magically resolved itself and my cycles of lengthened slightly to where 27 or 30 days is not that unusual. I do feel fortunate that I have never had one of those 40+ day cycles and everything seems good to go, I just need to get a bit better about charting so that i can do a better job of predicting when I O ahead of time, since my donor lives 5+ hours away.

I am using my own eggs, donor sperm, and fairly low tech at home insem methods. I am not planning on weaning or taking any supplements that would have an adverse effect on my nursing relationship with my toddler.

Insem #1 for baby #2 was last October and did not take, but was a picture perfect pretty chart. I kind of "lost my zen" and got a bit more obsessive than I want to be.

I'm ready to try again.
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Welcome, bagare! I've added you to the list. Good wishes on your health and baby journey.

BHappy I think certainly possible, wet cf would help. Also, remember ovulation happens before the temp shift, so maybe less than 4.5 days???
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Thanks for starting the new thread, Waturmama

2bepeaceful I'm so sorry for your loss. I m/c about the same time as you and still have moments of intense greif.

AFMCD4 and trying to figure out how to convince DH to BD as often as possible, given his busy and stressful schedule for the next ten days. I might have to get creative

I've been very stressed about being a SAHM to my not-quite-three-year-old. He has been very challenging lately, and I feel like I've been running on empty. We decided to put him in care 2 mornings a week so that I have time to remember who I am as a person (other than Mommy!). Even though we haven't actually done it yet, having made the decision has improved my attitude and outlook immensely. I've been making some plans and have more ideas floating in my brain than I've had in ages! I just hope I can keep up the momentum.
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Originally Posted by BHappy View Post

what do you think ? Sperm living four and a half days ? Likely or remote possibility ?

Absolutely, it happened to me. BD one time 6 days before ovulation and got pregnant. Sadly the baby had a severe chromosone abnormality and didn't make it and I have since read that old sperm can be linked to birth defects and abnormalities.

But it's certainly possible.
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