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Great Pyrenees & Fencing

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Our labs are getting older and we want a new dog. I have been doing a lot of research and found that a great pyrenees would really work out well for us. The problem is fencing. Our labs have always used invisible fencing. I like it because I can run it around the horses paddocks and other areas more easily. (I used to have a horse who would try and kill dogs, so not an issue now but I prefer to limit dogs in pastures) We do have a fair amount of road frontage and 8 acres out back. I have been told by many people that this breed does not do well with invisible fencing. Yet some others have said it could work.

I was wondering if I could do a combination of fencing. Along the road put in normal rail fencing with a mesh at the bottom half to keep in dog and chickens. Then on the sides and back use electric. The sides and back are all stone walls, brush and trees and surrounded by 500+ acres of woodlands. So it is not like an open area. A lot of parts a large animal would not even try to go through, or even get through. Anyone with experience with this breed have thoughts on this?
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I don't actually know the answer to your question, but I just wanted to throw out there that it sounds like you have a good system going for you, and there are so many great breeds out there, I think you should look for one that does do well with your fencing needs so you know it works.

I've never heard of a horse trying to kill anything, is this normal? What did the horse do? Just curious!
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Have you started researching responsible Pyr breeders in your area? This might be a good question for the breeder. If you ask, I'm sure a good breeder would be happy to come visit your home to have a look at your setup and make suggestions... since the both of you have the same goals... a safe and happy home for your future pup.

Don't know how the party hat got there.... but I am happy for you.... =)
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GearGirl - it's quite normal for horses to not like dogs.
Two of mine are fine, but the one abhors dogs. She actually picked up a JRT and tossed it 10ft down the barn aisle once. Otherwise if they are in her field she prefers to run after them to bite, kick and stomp on. She now knows better than to bother our dogs, but it's nice to know that she'd put up a fuss if a predator went into the pasture!
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Something about that seems so cute to me, that a horse would dislike a dog. Animals can be so funny, although obviously not cute if a dog gets hurt. I wonder why some don't like dogs?
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Great Pyrenees WILL wander!!!!!

We rescued and fostered a pup for a few weeks, and she was impossible The breed is one of the most beautiful, and one of my favorites but they require a ton of hands on training to ensure they listen.
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I would not stay with a breed because of fencing needs.  I would do exactly what you are going... Figure it out.  I did not read all of the way through, but did you come up with something.  I have a new stray we just kept and she will no stay in the yard... they are roamers by nature.  I found this site by trying to figure it out.  I thought 6 ft chicken wire, but it is so expensive and I want her to be able to roam around the lot we have here.  I am just trying to figure it out.  We are also getting cows and sheep and will put the dog in the lot with them.  Cause they like to deal with predators too.  I am thinking regular woven wire will not work, but not sure.  

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