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which forms of each vitamin are easiest to absorb?

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there are tons of vitamins on the market and tons of claims, so it is not easy to find the right thing. different companies might have different compounds representing the same vitamin, but the question is, which ones are the easiest to absorb by our bodies?
i would be interested in any vitamin / mineral you can give info on, but off the top of my head: vit c, vit e, iron, calcium
or may be you guyus can point me to resources where i can find this kind o information

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Vit C = sodium abscorbate you can buy it here http://store.yahoo.com/vitaglo/760.html

I know you have to have calcuim to absorbe magneium or the othe way around...I think you have to have zinc to, to work with the magnesium.

Liquid is the best absorbed. You can check out this website for some more info if you are interested. http://smarthealth.seasilverhealth.com

If the above url doesn't work...you can cut and paste and it works that way... (it is mine)
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what about calcium and iron?
which forms of those are absorbed teh best? (i know that vit c also aids iron absorbtion)
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I will do some looking at get back to you.
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also, what about ester-c as a vit. c ?
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the following is what I got from my upline in my business.
Water soluble forms are readily absorbed into the cells, not just into the body. That's why I use and recommend the Eniva mineral waters. www.eniva.com/members/18141 The Seasilver is fantastic as a general base, but when you need additional of any particular minerals to address specific problems, the Eniva products are outstanding.
I will do some more checking. I don't know anything about the Ester C but will check on that too.
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For calcium, calcium citrate is by far the easiest to assimilate for most people.
You need to have very high levels of hydrochloric acid to be able to get anything out of calcium carbonate ( most people over 20 barely absorb any of it).
Iron, heme forms are readily absorbable (sp?), standard process makes a good one.
Also, always take your iron with your vit. C., iron needs an acidic environment.
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I can't find anything else... Isn't supplementing with iron dangerous? you might check the following sites....

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