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Birth Story

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Hi Mamas,

I didn't post much but read every now and then when I had time. I was due Jan 13 and had my baby girl jan 8th. I just posted her birth story on my blog if anyone would like to read it. We had planned a home birth but this went super fast and DH ended up catching the baby before the midwife arrived! Esther Joy is doing well and healthy. Just thought I'd share!

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Esther Joy!! Enjoy your babymoon--that was one fast labor
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congrats on your new baby girl!!!
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great story!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
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Beatiful birth story and baby! Congrats!
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Such a cutie!! Congratulations!!
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What cool name! Congratulations!!
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That's a very fast labour and delivery! Well done, mama!
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Yay Mama. She's so precious!
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Congrats, great story! I am in awe of fast births!
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Congratulations, mama! What a great story!
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Welcome to the world, Esther!
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Thanks for all of the congratulations!
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Congratulations and welcome Esther Joy!!!
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