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Losing hair

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I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this, I wasn't sure where to post this.

Ever since I had my LO I was never really aware of hair loss until the hairstylist asked me when I was getting my hair cut over the weekend. After I got to thinking about it, I suppose I have been experiencing some. That could explain why I started noticing some smaller new hairs near my hairline (that weren't there before) and some thining around my face. Anyone else have hair loss after giving birth? How long does this last? I remember reading somewhere that hair loss is normal because of changing hormone levels. It's just that I am becoming self-conscious about it.
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It's very common to lose hair around 4 mos pp. During pregnancy we don't lose as much hair as we would normally - I forget why - and almost everyone I know has had hair loss after giving birth. Usually it's temporary though - min eonly lasted a few weeks.
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