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need help finding water birth place near albany ny

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I live in schoharie county NY. I have 5 children and 1 on the way. I have delivered in Bellevue (schenctady) St. Mary's (amsterdam) & Bassett cooperstown. I will only go back to St Marys because I was not happy with alot of things in the other places. I am looking for a place to have an unmedicated water birth. St Marys doesn't have that option so I'm on the hunt. I will drive to albany area, oneonta area exc... probably about an hour drive at tops. Does anyone know of a place like this? I got to labor for a little while in the tup at cooperstown but they refuse to let you deliver in the tub. Please help someone Thanks
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Glens Falls hospital has waterbirth. Not sure how you feel about traveling there. Or you could doa home birth!
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Hi honeymama, I'm brand new, just found out this week I'm pregnant, but water birth is something I've always thought about *if* I ever got pregnant.

I believe Albany Med has one or two water birthing rooms. Here is the link to their Birthing Center. I don't see it mentioned, but you may want to give them a call.


I'm also a huge fan of St. Peters, but I've had surgery there so haven't experienced anything else from their facility. I'm not a fan of St. Marys. Very bad surgical experiences...

Good luck!
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St. Mary's in Troy (Seton Health) has a pool available for waterbirth and is definitely the most supportive hospital/birth center in the Capital District when it comes to natural birth. (It's also the only place in Albany/Schenectady/Troy that will do waterbirths; St. Peters has tubs but they're pretty much no longer used, and if you want unmedicated, Albany Medical is probably not the place you want to be).

In the past, women were able to rent pools from Betsy at the Family Life Center in Albany and use them in the hospital (notably Seton-St. Mary's), but to my knowledge, that's no longer an option.
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Seton Health/St. Mary's in Troy is the place to go. I can also recommend some great birth doulas if you are interested.
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I just found this website. I am looking for places for water bath birth in Pennsylvania...this is so amazing to me. I would like to know if you found that place you were looking for? and everything was? hope you do mind sharing with me.

My husband and I are trying to have a baby soon, so I started to gather water birth experiences from other moms.





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I'm 8 weeks pregrant and want a natural birthing process. I'm not very confident in what I've read about most of the hospitals in the area. I would like a water birthing center. A place that allows you to move around and not be restricted to a bed. Not having much success in my searches. I did read on here about Glens Falls.I also read about Bellevue/Ellis Hospital. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I'm even considering at home birth. I don't like how hospitals are quick with a c-section and other horrible things to accelerate the birthing process.

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I'm currently expecting and giving birth at Bellevue in January.  I have had a home birth in the Capital District several years ago and it was not a good or particularly safe experience, but the birth that I had at Bellevue  about 18 months ago was actually really really nice.  


What I did was to go not with an OB or a midwife practice but to go with a family practitioner who does obstetrics.  So, it had the option of medical intervention when needed but very very far from pushing medicalization that wasn't necessary. Family practice is the best kept secret that Bellevue has, in my opinion.  At Bellevue, I had an induction of labor attempt that didn't work (my request, no forced induction or anything) and they sent me home still pregnant, and I was off the monitors a lot during my actual labor and birth with my son.  I thought I had walked into an alternate dimension when one of the OB hospitalist doctors was seriously angry that I hadn't been encouraged to be up and moving around yet and annoyed that the room with the very deep laboring tub wasn't available then.  Anything is going to vary depending on who your provider is, but in terms of the institution itself, they were very willing to work with me and I appreciate it tremendously.


They're actually pursuing Baby Friendly Hospital status right now, and I'm very encouraged that they are becoming a place that is very much worth giving birth at.  Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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we live down in greene county and i chose st peters in albany (slingerlands area) for my son and i couldnt be happier. (their ob's and midwifes are wonderful and encouraging as well!!) you can request one of their rooms with the laboring tubs but my nurses mentioned to me that they would be willing to work with me if i wanted a water birth. i didnt go with it for my son but im considering with this baby due this winter. they were awesome. provided exercise balls to labor on and just did intermittent monitoring and put a iv port in my hand but didnt ever hook me up because i requested not to. they have an amazing facility and wonderful staff i couldnt talk them up more. its the only place i'll go, i will not go to hudson which is closer to me. its st peters or home.

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THEY DO NOT!!!!  I birthed there and you are permitted to labor in the tub, not birth.

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