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Anyone use polyfill for waldorf doll?

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I know natural is better, but I have a ton of polyfill batting (sheet form, not stuffing) left over from some quilting projects. It would be nice to use it instead of buying wool but I wonder how it will hold up with time. Seems like wool is less likely to compress. Anyone have any experience with this?
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I've used polyfil before - it's not too bad, actually. It doesn't warm up like wool does, but I haven't had any problem with compression. The trick, I think, is to stuff fairly tight. I don't think you'd want to stuff bodies with strips of quilt batting, though - the fused top & bottom of the batt will feel like ridges through the skin o the doll. But for heads, it would probably work just fine - tear it into strips & wind it into a ball, then cover the ball with a split layer of batting.
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Thanks, it isn't fused, just a sheet instead of the loose stuff for pillows, etc.
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I have a related question: does anyone have experience using 100% cotton fill for Waldorf dolls? I was planning to purchase a kit, and asked the seller if I could have cotton fill instead of wool (because I prefer to avoid animal products). She said that it is diffcult to get the cotton fill right for a doll unless one is experienced. It might turn out lumpy. If you have tried this, how'd it go?

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I have not tried this, but my mom made my a bumper for our cradle with cotton and it is very lumpy. It also compresses pretty badly and I would be concerned that you'd have to stuff it hard as a rock or it would get lumpy and hard in weird places later.
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Cotton is lumpy...


Hmmm, so I guess cotton is out for me.

Does anyone else have anyother stuffing ideas for Waldorf dolls that would be both a natural fiber and not animal derived?

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It may get lumpy, but then even wool can get lumpy with lots of use depending on how it's stuffed.

I have used polyfill and it worked fine, but I usually use wool just because it is kind of hand in hand with making a waldorf doll, and I bought 6lbs from weir dolls that is taking me ages to use up!
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Re: Cotton is lumpy...

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I've used both wool & poly for waldorf style dolls.

From an aesthetic pov, I like the wool a lot better. The finished doll has a nice weight and feel, plus it retains warmth. The poly stuffed dolls just aren't heavy enough.

When I use poly, I use fiberfill for the body & appendages and scraps of quilt batting for the head--much like mehndi mama suggested.
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