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Help me keep her home!

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It's a little early, but I'm looking at next year. I'm starting online classes full time in the fall. I really don't want to send DD to school, but I don't see how I can continue to teach her the way we have been.
I need some suggestions for more independent options for a 7yr old.(2nd grade). I think a combination of independent reading, and computer based courses will work best for her. We tried a K12 class for kindy, and I really wasn't impressed. Do they get better?
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How long is your school program? Because if it's justa year or so, yuo can probably just scale way back. A year to a kid at that age isn't ..well, I don't want to say important, because ti is obviously, but it's just not...um..urgent? I'm not sure how to say it..but basucally, she won't die/fall behind/be a complete loser who never finishes school and lives in your basement forever, lol, if you don't push the academics hard for the next year or two. I think lots of self study type stuff is fine, but I also don't think you have to feel like you have to be doing something all the time. An hour a day or so is more than enough to educate her in, you know?
Are there local options for perhaps some scheduled activities she enjoys? Sports classes or teams? Art, music, dance, etc? Maybe duing the next year she develops her love of/talent for sculpting or horseback riding or swimming instead of doing "schoolwork".
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Could you swing it financially to sign her up for a few fee based computer classes that she could do semi-independently and then do the rest with her when you are both off line?

We haven't personally used this one, but I have some friends who have been happy with Aleks for an online math class. I believe that they have a free trial to see if you like it.

We've been using the math portion of EPGY somewhat sporadically with dd#2 this school year. We signed her up with a group of other parents through their Open Enrollment program, which gives you access to the math and language arts/writing courses for $135/yr. It it definitely has been something that she can do independently. We haven't been using the language arts part b/c we just don't have the time, so I can't vouch for how much we would like that one, but we've been very happy with the math part.
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if she enjoys computer type learning, you could use time4learning in conjunction with a couple of other things. we did T4L last year for a few months, and my daughter loved it. hth.
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I noticed that the HomeSchooling Co-op has the Switched-on School House curriculum on sale for 20% off today. I've never used it myself, so I can't comment on its quality, but you might be able to check out the website and decide for yourself.
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I know in our area there are a few different options for one or two day per week drop-off classes for homeschoolers. One is a wilderness program that seems amazing (but pricey) - the others are more recreational classes that cater to homeschoolers. Also, you should see if there is a home childcare that caters to homeschoolers... I run a waldorf-inspired home kindergarten program and would be more than excited to have a few homeschooled children come daily to do handcrafts and help with the younger children.

Good luck!
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