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VBAC-- It's a girl!

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Phew!! At 40 weeks 5 days, baby Ruby Maeve came into this world last Friday afternoon. She was 9lbs, 3 oz, 20 1/2 inches long (our biggest baby). When I arrived at the hospital, utterly convinced I was going to be sent back home, I was 7 cm dilated and had bulging sac. I apparently do active labor really, really well, and save it all up for transition when I come a wee bit unglued .

So after all my worries about baby's position, all worked out just fine. Ruby was caught by daddy at the hospital after an unmedicated labor. The midwife attending was wonderful and my complaints about the nursing staff were few. My midwife had a midwife in training with her who essentially served as my doula. I was the first birth she witnessed in her training and I'm pleased to have shown her an unmedicated hospital VBAC of a big baby is so do-able!

Big sister and big brother are in love with Miss Ruby as are we!! We are struggling with some latch problems, but I am hopeful we are going to plug right along.

Congrats to all the mamas who also delivered this past weekend and best wishes to all the mamas still in waiting. It's SOOO hard to believe how quickly these last 10 months have passed. I am grateful to have been among you many warrior mamas through it all! Big hugs and a big thank you!
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How wonderful! Congratulations and love the name!
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Congratulations on an awesome birth and your big baby girl!
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Welcome to the world, Ruby!
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Awesome! Congrats, mama!
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Wonderful!!! Congratulations and way to go !!
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Congrats, fantastic!
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WooHoo vbac warrior! Congratulations and welcome Ruby.
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Thanks for sharing your story! Congratulations!!
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:Ruby! Enjoy your babymoon!! I am so glad that the apprentice saw your birth...she will remember it for the rest of her life
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Yay!!!!! congrats!!!!!
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YEAH for VBACs!!! I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine!

*HUGE hugs* and congrats!!! XxxxX
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Congratulations! Enjoy your sweet baby girl!
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Congrats on your little girl and your VBAC!!!!!!
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Congratulations and welcome Ruby Maeve!!!

Yay for VBAC!
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