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Bye Alaska!

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Just wanted to say bye to everyone! We are headed south, waaaaay south, to New Zealand! It has been a pretty great 5 years in Alaska and now we are on to new adventures.

It has been a very hectic last few months, sold our house, moved in to a rental, took a vacation, found a local buyer for Birch Tree Baby, packed up our lives, sold/donated most of our 'stuff'. The shippers were just here for the rest of it, I've never moved with someone else packing- they're much more efficient than I

I've been stressed because we needed to find homes for our two elderly cats, but it looks like we've got them taken care of! We are also still looking for a home for our sweet dog- if you know anybody who wants an awesome family dog who loves the outdoors while being well behaved inside as well... send me a PM. My DH wants to find her a home with 'outdoorsy types', and he has someone who can foster her for a while if you're not ready to make a snap decision.

Anyway. We leave next week and although I haven't had as much time to be on mdc lately I have always appreciated this tribe! See ya!!
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bye! leaving alaska seems pretty easy when you are going to new zealand!

good luck!
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wow! Have a grand time!
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Wow, New Zealand! Whatcha going to do down there? Good luck and check in occassionaly to tell us all about your adventure.
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claire! i miss seeing you. lucky you i would love to come to new zealand!
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Good luck for New Zealand

Hope you'll find a good home for the dog

Come back and visit with us after you settle in, so we can hear something about life in NZ
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Claire--good bye & enjoy your adventures !
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oh my goodness! congrats and have fun and well wishes! NOw all us AK mamas have a nice friends house to stay during the winter when we need a vacation
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