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strucutred time

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We are mostly unschoolers so I am postin gin both but would like others feedback as well.....

What I'm wondering is how much structured time your kids have (and how old they are) and how you feel about it.

DS is 6 1/2. We generally spend about 30-45 min a day on "work". He has to practice piano for 15 min and then will generally read to me for another 15. Then we may do a few math problems or word games.

He is in 3 organized activities, piano, swimming and kung-fu. While we (parents) choose piano and swimming ,he enjoys all of these classes. We also attend a hs co-op once a week where there is an optional activity for a n hour or so.

We also spend about an hour a day reading to him (he begs for more, but its just not managable).

Because I have two younger children (4 and 1) I a=often feel like ds1 gets the short end of the stick. He would love to do many more child-led activities, crafts, games, reading etc. But I am mostly so busy keeping up with the day to day household stuff that he usually gets put off. Sometimes I feel like I use the book work to make myself feel better about not being able to do all the things he wants.

So I guess I'm wondering how others balance these competing family needs, and how much time you set aside for structured activities and how much time you just let your kids do basically what they want?
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It sounds to me like you are doing a nice job with all you are juggling. 3 classes plus a co-op is probably the most *I* could do w/out getting burn out. You can feel good about what you are doing, but if you really feel like you want to do more with him, I'd suggest finding time in one day a week for a science experiment or other project. And if he loves being read to, libraries generally have a nice selection of books on cd.

Since the original question asked was regarding structured time... mine are currently 7 and 10. We try to keep to our routine of wakeup, dress, breakfast, and a bit of exercise ( outdoor walk, yoga, ball play) then 20 min each reading, math, a break, then a main lesson block. Another break, then arts until lunch time. When we stick to this it is great. However the holidays have really disrupted this and I'm trying to get back into it. Housework really takes too much time, I wish I had a maid, lol!
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