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Too much time to worry...

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I find that with more time on my hands to ruminate, I am trying to keep the worries at bay. Hasn't been TOO bad yet, but worried about birth (had a really rough go first time), baby's health, who will be here to look after DS, possibly having to get induced again for one reason or another, life AFTER birth (I am one of those people that just can't function on no sleep, and tend to slip down, down, down) and just the overall anticipation of a "time bomb" that is going to go off at some point, that I have no control over!

And I am SO SO constipated and nothing is helping! (tmi) I was last time too, and it really freaked me out during labour, I was convinced it was holding my baby back.

Having really crazy dreams too - anyone else?

I am trying to tell myself positive, helpful thoughts, go out for a short walk, spend time with my DS....

My EDD is next Tues.
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EDD is this Sunday--gotta get our minds right. I feel you. In such a funk today. I think I'm gonna buy an enema acually though I'm not constipated, but I don't want to poo like I did during the last birth (TMI).

I'm doing the same thing--enjoying my boy as much as possible, trying to get some exercise and HAVE THIS BABY!
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I had a dream last night that we went to the hospital, had the baby, and then headed home without him (they were still checking him out and apparently I just decided I'd come get him later?). Once we got home, my MIL checked in and asked, "So no baby yet?" (Which she has actually asked, despite being the person who will be watching our first son.) And I was like, "Oh yeah. We forgot to tell you. He's still at the hospital." All nonchalantly.

Of course, that's in direct contrast to the anxiety I'm feeling. My first delivery was rough too, for reasons never determined, other than it fits a pattern of unexplained problematic labor in my family. I'm also anxious since I feel like I have no idea what's going on--this pregnancy has been so different from the first. I've been having cramping and contractions on and off for several days now and was at 1cm on Tuesday, which is something since my water broke last time at 0cm.

I'm trying to use some of this time to meditate and find some spot of calm.
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My DD is on Sunday too but I am already mentally prepared to maybe be pregnant for some time longer as I am a first timer and my Mom had me and my brother late. I had a tough time last week and then I kind of stopped reading only birth literature and going online about it all the time. I limit my time here and try to distract myself with walks or reading. Of course I don't have another child to take care off (and haven't given birth before and can just relax. I just finished a great German book that really took my mind off my nervously anticipation. I do have to admit that I had always underestimated the not-knowing-when-part of having your baby and just being ready over a long period of time.
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