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When In Rome

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So I think this movie looks really cute and fun. I've always liked Kristen Bell - Veronica Mars was one of my fave shows - so glad to see her getting some roles on the big screen!

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i want to see this movie too- it looks so cute!
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I know right? And I forgot to mention Josh Duhamel - he is definitely easy on the eyes He's got some pretty good rom-com chops too - I thought he was great in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and Kristen Bell swears he's about as funny as all the other guys in the movie.
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We're excited about this one, too! I'm hoping we can get there next Sunday afternoon.
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I was actually able to get passes to a screening this week. I've been seeing the previews all weekend - there's one with a Personal Ad of Kristen & Josh that's really funny - I can't wait to see it!
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Anyone else see it yet?

We went yesterday, and I liked it a lot. My four year old came out of it 1. Wanting pockets inside his shirts (like a suit ), 2. Thinking the sausage part was the funniest and 3. Really liking Nick. He cracked us up!

The rest of us just plain liked it . . . very cute movie!! I don't think I've seen Kristen Bell in anything I haven't liked yet!
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I saw it and thought it was super cute! Yes, Josh Duhamel was really good in the movie - very charming and funny and I thought Kristen was great too - she's really good at comedy! Of her crazy suitors, I thought Dax Shepard had the best lines ("I don't know whether to look at my own reflection or you, that's how beautiful you are" lol) - they just got engaged btw!!! Anyways, I thought it was a great romantic-comedy
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