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I need name help!

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I'm 35 weeks and can't decide totally on a name for my little girl. Please give me your totally honest opinions, I won't be offended!

Emery- Germanic, ruler

Emeris- doesn't really have a meaning I can find online. I guess I would tell people it was German for ruler, since it's sort of a variant of Emery.

Imari Japanese- daughter of today

Do the names remind them of anything, tell me what you think, and is it necessarily bad to have a name remind you of something if it's not a horrible thing?
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Emery reminds me of a nail file, like an emery board... not sure if that is a good thing. It has a cute sound to it though. Emeris sounds like a latin saying and not a name. If anything it sounds VERY masculine. Even more masculine than the name Emerson which I guess is a girls name! Good luck, I am having a hard time with girl names too... my husband loves trendy names and I just do not. Plus we are also trying to incorporate us living in Germany and the names here are leaving me a little eh. Is there a reason you want Germanic names?
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Not in your ddc but saw under new posts - and love name threads!

Honestly, I'm not one to care what a name means when you look it up in the naming books or websites. So that part doesn't factor for me personally at all. The day won't come when your child is on the playground or in the boardroom and says her name getting either "what? that means puppy breath in Slavic! i'm not speaking to you!" or "oooh, that means lucky to those around her - will you be my new best friend?" No one else will ever know what her name "means". I think more of everyday usage - will it be spelled and said correctly? Is it teasable?

Emery - of course you think of emery board, which as you note isn't a bad association but how many thousands of times can she hear "like emery board?" or have to use that reference to get people to understand what her name is. Emora? No, Emery. Valerie? No, Emery - like the board.

Emeris - I would avoid this on a number of levels. I just don't think it is pretty or flows off the tongue. It sounds a little snooty. And honestly? First thing I thought of was penis as that "is" ending is so rare in our language.

Imari - I assume you pronounce short i (like in "it") mar (rhymes with bar) ee (rhymes with bee). I think it is gorgeous, honestly. She may have to spell and pronounce it for some, but worth it for such a pretty name IMO. Of the three you listed, Imari is by FAR the front runner to me.
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I like Emery.
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Imari is my favorite by far (I actually do know of two Emery's -- one spelled Emmaree -- in my small town! They're lovely girls, but I love Imari best.. but in my head I pronounce it "ih-MAH-ree" so I hope that's right!)
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Emery and Emeris both sound nice to me (and I missed the nail file reference...the only association my brain made was Emory University, LOL!), but they both sound masculine to me.

Imari I love....but isn't that the name of a perfume or something? I don't know, but it triggers some sort of memory--not a bad one--for me.

Imari also reminds me of one of my favorite geek things--the too-soon-canceled sci-fi series Firefly! One of the characters was named Inara. She was a prostitute (*ahem*, I mean a companion!) but she was gorgeous, kind, wise, etc...
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I love them all. In fact Emery would have been on my list if I were carrying a girl.
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We considered were down to Emery and Miles for our first son--I love it, and even though we were considering it for a boy, know it sounds more like a girl's name.
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I really like Emery and didn't make the association to an emery board--I guess I just call it a nail file? :P
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I like Imari best, and Emeris second.
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I like Imari best too, I think it's lovely and I've never heard a name like it before.

Re the Emery debate, I'm not sure it's such a bad thing even if later in life your daughter introduces herself as 'Emery, like the nail file' - because I've certainly been heard saying, 'yes Lou, as in toilet (loo)' and it's never bothered me none
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I didn't even think of nail file when I read it. Probably cause I never call it an "emery board." I always just think of it as "nail file." It reminds of the name "Avery" and I love the sound of that name...so I like Emery too. I like how it's easy to say and just kinda rolls off the tongue.
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I like the name Emery the best. I did not think about the association to an emery board either. Good luck on figuring a name out.
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Emeris sounds WAAAY too much like Emesis, which is the medical term for "vomiting". Sorry. But I just can't get around that and that, obviously, sounds just terrible to me.

Emery I think is fine, but I'm not doing flips over it.

Imari is unique but close enough to the other two that it keeps the same feeling. I dig it.
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I agree that Emeris sounds masculine. To the PP that said Emerson was a girl's name - I thought all names ending in -son where traditionally masculine and generally mean "son of ___"? Or am I way off base here.

Of the other two, no strong feelings either way, though personally I prefer Imari over Emery, though she may end up having to spell/say it for people a lot since it is a bit unique.
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Nicole, I'm totally with you on the "____son" names! That is one of my pet peeves! Oh, and same goes for "Mac_____" or "Mc_____" names; they literally mean "son of"! I know I should just get over it and not let it bug me, because it is obviously a trend that has taken a firm hold and isn't looking like it will change anytime soon, but my rational brain just shuts down on some things, I guess!
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I agree that they are male names- "son" names. I think the only one that doesn't make me want to stab my eyes out is Allison. haha Addison, Emerson, Madison, etc. BOY BOY BOY. Yet, all these girls have adopted it for themselves.
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Oh, wow! It makes me feel so much better to know I'm not a complete freak of nature, LOL! Although I blush to admit that Allison never occurred to me as being one of "those" names! LOL! I guess that's what's in store for all our kids; they will grow up being so accustomed to seeing these names for girls that it will never seem strange! I can't decide if that's a good thing or not!
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Ok, now I hate all the names! What about Ivy? Is it too old lady? Our last name is Davidson. Does Ivy Davidson have too many v's?

I like Emera, but our 2 year old daughter's name ends in an 'a' with the same 'uh' sound and I just don't like the sound of my 2 kids names ending in the same sound....if only I could get over that. So I'm trying to alter Emera to no avail... What do you think of Emera, anyway?
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