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So excited to be here!!!!

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I just got my BFP today, at 10 dpo, on a digi (I know! I couldn't believe it, either).

EDD is 10/4/10!

Thrilled to be pregnant with our first, and excited to share this journey w/ you mamas!!!

... I think I'll start up that "Roll Call" thread. Hopefully it won't jinx me. Stick baby, stick!!
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DDCC to say Yay! I am so happy for you I have been stalking TTC to keep an eye on you! Congratulations
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I'm due September 27, so will probably spend time in both the Sept and Oct DDCs. Looking forward to seeing lots more BFP's!!

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Dropping in from July'10 ddc!

Yay for the pumpkin babies!!!!

Good to see you here Lyndzies. I remember you from the ttc threads!
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Am I a bad person for hoping i have an accident next month and end up in this DDC?

i really really really wanna get knocked up so my kiddo and i will share a b-day month. Both my girls are a month away from October, oldest is November and youngest is September.
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I think I may still be in denial but after 2 very faint lines I don't think I can deny it! While I'm super excited to be having #5, which I knew I would someday...the timing isn't great...BUT OWELL! I'm happy to be having another sweet baby!
I haven't been on MCD since my July 07 baby was born, so I'm excited to be back! I love this place!
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My two fav TTC gals, Mae and Lyndzies are preggo...and i couldnt be more happy than if it were me. i love you guys so much
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DoulaLMT - Glad you'll be hanging out here!!!

AmBam - Congrats on your faint lines!!!! Wow, 5! That's amazing. Really, is the timing ever perfect?

BettinaAuSucre - you are such a sweetheart. I certainly wouldn't think it bad if you "accidentally" joined us. Lol.
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*tentatively raises hand*

9 or 10 dpo here, w/ a *very* faint line on an frer. not convinced yet so plan to test again in the morning.

wanted another--hopefully girl (which timing is in my favor), just wasn't planning this soon. thought we'd wait til next year, but hey, i aint getting any younger!
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Congratulations everyone!!! I will probably be posting and lurking here, too, since I'm due at the end of September but went two weeks "late" with my ds.
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Yay October!
I think I will straddle both clubs (if I can keep up!) my EDD is September 29th.

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Ladyelms, I'm right there with you. I got a faint (I won't even say very faint, just faint) line today at 11 dpo, so I'm tentatively raising my hand, too. I was trying to hold off until tomorrow, but I just couldn't. One of the dogs woke me up a little before 5, and I don't get up until 6, so I thought, I've got plenty of time to poas! I tried to take a picture of the test to see what you ladies thought, but I couldn't get a very clear pic. But, I'm about 90% sure there was a line!
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Hi all, glad to be sharing this journey with you all. I got a faint BFP at about 9dpo and a digital on the same day. Can't be sure of exact dpo as not charting, but it doesn't make any difference really - I am still pregnant. Excited and nervous about another addition to our family.
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i am SOOOO happy to be here! i am due Oct 1 2010!!! it is still CRAZY to say that!
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I decided that October is basically going to be the best month ever to have a baby.
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Yay October!!!!!!
So I had a faint positive at 10dpo and 11 dpo on a $store test. But DH wasn't convinced since it was only a $. So I have my + Digi that I took this am sitting out on the counter to greet him when he gets up.

I'm so happy to be having an October baby! My EDD is Oct 4.
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cool, lots of 10/04 due dates!

i finally got a really strong bfp this morning; like you babsbob, it's sitting on the bathroom counter waiting for dh to wake up!
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