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Cloth...where, how to start?

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I had all kinds of plans to cloth diaper my son but alas things happened and that plan never got off the ground.

I have a few prefolds {newborn, small}, some covers {wool, PUL} as well as FuzziBuns.

I don't want to spend huge amount all at once. I'm not even pregnant by the way. I thought maybe I could start buying now and stock up. But what to get? I would like a combination of AIO and regular prefolds with covers. And advice on how to get DH on board because he told me when DS was born that he doesn't know how and I showed him how and he still would claim he didn't know how when a diaper change came up! So AIOs for him would be ideal!

Washing...How does one do it? I could do a load every other day or every two days. What do I wash them with?

I am sure this subject has been covered a million times on here. Sorry for the repition.
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I recommend gettting a variety, that way you can try them and see what you like when the time comes. Washing instructions are different for everyone, if you do a search a lot should come up
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Yay for your enthusiasm and desire to use cloth! I think pocket diapers are just as easy for dad (especially if you stuff them) and they are usually cheaper than AIOs.

As for washing, I found that every other day worked good for me. Then if for some reason wash didn't get done, 2 days was not so long that I was running out of diapers. I intend to get a retractable clothes line this time around (DD already potty trained, baby #2 on the way) so I can line dry in the sun during the summer.

We use Country Save detergent. Started out just using it for diapers, but switched to using it for everything. Works great and is inexpensive. You can get more details on washing routines and such by searching around some more, but remember that it doesn't have to be complicated. There are so many different routines out there that it can get overwhelming. Start simple and make adjustments as necessary
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