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AP Playgroup in FW?

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Is anyone out there interested in starting a playgroup in the Fort Worth area?

I'd love to meet some mamas and socialize a little bit! We moved here in Oct and have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old and are looking to play, play, play!

Please let me know! I SAH, so we're free just about any time!
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Guess there aren't many of us in Fort Worth! I haven't been on MDC in a while and just found your thread. If you are still interested, I'd love to get together sometime. My son is older than your kiddos (3) but I think they'd still play well. I SAH too and can always use a little socializing. He is in preschool in the mornings, but we are free any afternoon except Thursdays. If you happen to have a husband that works too much like mine, we are often free on Saturdays also. Hope you are liking Fort Worth.

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