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Has anyone called their OB/MW yet or made any appointments?

I had a very early loss in July, so my OB wanted me to call as soon as I got a +HPT "just in case" I need to supplement progesterone. So, headed in for a blood draw already tomorrow at 11dpo.

Part of me is nervous she's going to to the draw, or make me POA "dr.'s office" test and for some reason it won't be positive. That this is all a dream, and the digi malfunctioned.

I know this is probably irrational; I think I'm still in shock!
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I'm still in shock too Lindsay! I'm laughing so hard, cuz my dh doesn't believe that I am pregnant! It's sooo funny to me. He says that it's too faint, that it will probably go away! I have THREE faint positive tests! He's cracking me up.

So anyway...I haven't made an appt for "make believe" pregnancy and probably won't for quite some time. My mw is from another state and I don't do many prenatals anyway.

Good luck with your draws Lindsay. I can imagine it's kindof stressful after a loss! Sending lots of sticky dust your way!
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OMG, too funny. DP doesn't really believe yet, either... and my + was on a digi!!! She said she'll be super excited when the dr. says I'm preggo.

Gimme a break! Lol.

(but I sort of know where she's coming from, since we had an early loss... she's just guarding her feelings, I think.)
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I emailed a new mw today. I would have definitely already called my old midwife b/c she's so popular now I was very nervous about getting in (yup, I had a celebrity midwife), but at this point I just want to have a care provider in this state, jic. I hope I find someone I like. There aren't too many choices here.

We had at least one early loss too - I actually think we had several due to nursing & lpd. I was sure I'd go for an early draw the day after my ++, but I'm really not feeling like I should now. I hope I don't regret it, but I'm just going to go with my gut this time.
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I went in for to check levels on Monday (CD 27 - I wasn't charting, but probably O'd at around CD14) and I was at 210 hCG and 20.8 progesterone - both in the normal range for that date. I go back next Monday for another draw. Fingers crossed that the numbers have multiplied a number of times!

I don't have an appointment to see my OB yet. I want to get some test strips right away so that I can start keeping track of my sugars. I'm trying to avoid GD like with #1.
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I had and ob in hospital for my first and really want mw/hb for this one so am currently busy researching mws in my area. Was gonna call a couple yesterday to arrange meeting but my baby and I both have bad colds so I spend the day in be with a very clingy little girl. Maybe later today I will call them.
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I'm waiting to pee on a digi just to be sure before I call the BC. We only have one BC in our state, and it books up quickly, so I'll likely be calling next week if I'm still testing positive.

LOL! I haven't even told my DH yet. My line was faint this morning I knew he'd never believe it! I'm gonna test with a digi tomorrow, so hopefully he'll believe a big fat plus sign! But, based on what you ladies are saying, maybe I shouldn't count on that. Thinking about letting him pee on the other one to prove it to him!
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Well I just arranged to meet with 2 midwives - one lives over an hour from me (meeting the first Monday in Feb), and the other one plans on taking a week off the first week in October - but if she has any repeat clients want her services she will take me on (meeting next week sometime). Still waiting to hear back from another and will probably phone some more next week.
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the local midwife in my town is a good friend so all i have to do is call her when and if i am.
i had my other three with the same midwife, but she is 10 hours away from here..and i am not so sure i would travel away from home if i were to have another baby. its a hard call. i love her so much, and hope she would come here (i can wish right?) we are friends as well as client/midwife. hypothetically of course
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You guys have me thinking that I ought to call my mw just to let her know I'm due in Oct. so she can plan for me. She's about a 4-5 hour drive from me and I want to make sure she can be here. I'll cry if not...no sob...no panic...no...Ok I better just call and let her know. First I have to convince dh that I really am pregnant!
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tanyab, what midwives did you contact? just curious since we're both in CO.
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Have so far contacted Sena Johnson who lives in Lakewood. I am in Longmont. It's a bit of a treck. And Amy Colo. Waiting to hear back from Karen Robinson I think her name was.
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yes, i know sena and karen. well, i've not met them in person, but they run in the same online circles that i do.

never heard of amy. maybe she's a fledgeling.
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