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october 2010

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there's an oct 2010 board. congrats to all the new mama's to be, but this is hard knowing that i'll never be on a ddc again!
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Aww, sorry Jen! Can't believe there are another crop of October babies popping up already! Sigh... :*(
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I'm right there with you, Jen! I hope Zjande peaks her head in sometime during the next month. We will al be able to keep in touch through life with a babe, facebook and the MDC retreat forum. One more month!
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Wow, amazing! Sigh. Yes, this is our last baby and it tears me up; I just try to savor every baby moment.
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I'm sorry to say, but I am just not a Facebook nerd like the rest of y'all. I just don't have the time to figure that site out & get all sucked in to another community. I spend enough time as it is on mdc & Blogger! But I'd be more than happy to keep a Life With a Babe thread going!

You know what's funny, I actually just clicked on our DDC to see if a pregnancy had been announced yet. LOL I know it's gonna happen sooner than later, there's a lot of us with AF back.... & I want to live vicariously through whomever it happens to 1st!

My 1st DDC was the Nov05 one. If I ever want to get myself all teary eyed I need only go visit that archived DDC! Time flies by us way way way too fast.

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Call me crazy, but I would love to be one of the first to be preggers again. October 2010 would have been wonderful! My SIL announced that she is pregnant, due in August, and I'm totally getting baby fever over it. However, with all the thinking about babies, I did have a total nightmare about giving birth again. I think I need some serious counseling to convince myself that I can have a normal, natural birth. AF isn't back yet (got her 10 months PP last time) so I can't even do anything about the fever right now, but I think as soon as she's back, I'll be trying again!
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really, truly amazing how time flies!
we are wintering in florida and i can't believe we've already moved past the newborn stage...i'll be sad to be relegated to a thread in the general board...
definitely will try and do fb msgs more once our ddc is shut down...
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It's better for both the baby and your body if you wait awhile between pregnancies. Your nutrient stores need to be rebuilt. One woman I know who had three kids in a row, each less than a year apart, developed terrible back pain during her third pregnancy, so bad they were talking about inducing her. Another mom's second child, conceived when her ds was less than a year old, was born with a kidney infection (and she was a home birth), and her third child is on the spectrum. I'm not one to talk, if my dh were ok with it and I had AF back and were fertile (all of which are not true), I'd be ttc again by now, i've got baby fever too. I read somewhere that you don't want to go less than 18 months or more than two years between pregnancies, but I've broken that second rule already, due to PCOS and not being able to afford IVF.
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