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Freelance writing

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I am looking for a spot to find some freelance writing work. I know that some ladies had given me a couple of spots to look earlier but I lost them! If anyone knows of where I can start looking for legit jobs please let me know!
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Upfront Pay:


For Leads:

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Have you tried oDesk? Also, if you can build a relationship with someone who gives you steady work, that is way better than having to hustle out to find a new client ... always make sure your new client knows that you are available for more, and always follow up every few weeks later to see if more work is available ... I had one client who agreed to allow me to send 1 $5 article per day, M-F (this was after he said he had no other work, and then said he needs more but is not organized, etc) and that turned into about $300/week of work once he saw how reliable I was. Try to find out what would make it easy for your client and if you are willing to do that, do it! And cultivate it from there ...
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Elance for one-off jobs (or hopefully repeat clients).
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Thanks for all the info ladies!
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ProBlogger Job Board - I owe most of my career to this. One gig from this site has lead to many new opportunities.

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If you're strong at IRL networking, you might want to talk to friends (and friends of friends) who are graphic designers. This has been a freelancer's market for design jobs over the past couple years as corporations have trimmed their marketing budgets but are still needing work done. A lot of designers recognize when the client's copy could use work, and can suggest a couple hours of copy rework at your freelance rate before they flow it into design. I have received work requests this way. It requires an ability to work closely with designers, as well as handling relationships with corporates.

A lot of writing for Web design going on this way, as well as marketing collateral. I've seen less in the way of print ads, but that's a longterm downward trend. Got friends in design? Talk to them and ask about their clients' copy. While $500 for a job is a nice sum to get as a freelancer, depending on the job, the client may hardly bat an eye, and it adds overall value and supports their brand.
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Great suggestion 1jooj. I have picked up a few smaller jobs just like you described - a company is improving their website design so they might as well improve the content/copy.
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