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So I mentioned this in another thread...my dh REFUSES to believe that I'm pregnant! I've taken three tests now and have THREE faint positives. The first is super, super faint. That's why I got the others. They are still faint, but DEFINATELY positive!! It was funny to me at first, but now it's just pissing me off! I really, really needed to talk with him about it. My joy and excitement as well as my worry and concern and he WON"T!! Because he's just "NOT CONVINCED"!! He thinks we should wait a week or so and take another test to make sure it's still a line. I keep telling him a line is a line is a line. They don't ask you to compare the color or darkness of the line. It's a stupid LINE!!
Baby being due during Oct isn't exactly ideal for us. We spend Sept and Oct in the mountains with our camp(our work), so it is possible that he won't even be here for my delivery. I'd REALLY like to be able to talk about some of this, ya know??
Anyway, thanks for listening. I'm just about ready to punch him right now! I'm not one to complain about my dh normally. He's great, he's just being an idiot right now!!
I'm spending money I wasnt' going to today on a digital test to PROVE to him that I am. He wont' be able to argue with "PREGNANT" or will he?!?
It's driving me crazy!
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I am right there with you, except that DP won't even believe the word pregnant. I showed her the digi yesterday, and she said she'll get excited when a dr. says I'm pregnant.

Don't get me wrong, she's happy, just "not completely convinced."

WTF? It SAYS pregnant, woman!!!

I need, more than anything, to be positive and excited right now. It's definitely hard when your partner doesn't share your level of excitement.

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DDC crashing to comment....my husband did the SAME thing! I had nothing but really faint lines for a week and even when I told him that a faint line still means positive, he just didn't believe me. He kept saying that it was probably just a line from where there's ink on the test but it didn't mean anything. I think that he just didn't want to get his hopes up and have it be nothing. But it was really frustrating because it made it hard for me to get excited about it, too since he was doubting it so much. Very annoying!! I'm sure you are pregnant so congrats!!
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I took a digi this morning. When I showed him he said, " I can't read!!"
What a punk! I think it's sinking in for him now and he'll get excited in a couple days!
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DH did the same thing! he said i would need to take more test before he would say "yep you preggers" then it hit him like a rock on test 6. "OMG im going to be a dad!
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