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When did your Twins come?

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Im currently 34+2 with my twins.. and soooo ready to be done! Im just wondering.. when did your twins come and did they have to stay in the nicu at all?

I want this to be over, but know its best to just keep going if I can. Right now they are both est to be over 5lbs and my nether regions are showing it (Im all black and blue from the weight). They are both head down, Last check at 32+5 I was 1.5cm dialated and ctx every 3 mins. The ctx come everyday but havent developed any "real" rythm yet... Any guesses on when I should blow?? LOL. I guess Im just looking for some experienced moms to tell me its almost over.. I hate complete bedrest and the weight of these babies has me in tears. So please.. share your experience with me!
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I carried my babies to 39 weeks and they were 6 pounds 6 ounces and 7 pounds 6 ounces. Carrying twins to term was not fun or easy but it was for sure worth it in the end. Your dilation and BH contrax are really not a good indication of an 'eruption' date. Hang in there and congrats on your twins!

ETA: The estimates on twin B were accurate to within a few ounces but the measurements on my Twin A were off by a whole pounds. She was estimated to be 7 and a half and she was 6 pounds 6 ounces. I am very glad I did not have them when I hit the "done" wall at 36 weeks. That last 3 weeks really helped her, I am very sure.
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Mine were 32 weeks. They lived at the hospital for 3 weeks.
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37 w+ 1 day...no NICU ...5lbs 12.5 oz and 5 lbs 15 oz.

Hmmm, there's a poll somewhere in the old posts if you do a search...
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37 weeks.

Be careful what you wish for. I was ready to be done done done, too. I was told my twins were 7 and nearly 8 pounds at my 36 week ultrasound.

A week later Twin A was 6-1/2 lbs and Twin B was 4-1/2. I totally thought I'd dodged the NICU, but B was taken in for observation because of her size and stayed 3 days because of apnea when she first nursed followed by jaundice.

So be glad for every day they stay inside! You can't really rely on the guesses they give at the end, especially with multiples. Much harder to accurately measure.
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37.5 weeks here, but I was dilated to 3cm at 33 weeks, 6cm at 35 weeks, and they finally arrived at 37.5 weeks. Drew was 6lb 11oz and Will was 6lb 6oz. They both spent 12 hours in the NICU for early breathing and then blood sugar problems.
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I'm due the day after you.
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37w, 5 days ...both boys weighed over 6 lbs. No NICU, went home in 3 days. I wasn't comfortable with them until they hit 8 lbs.

What's that old saying .... the longer you keep them in, the less time you'll potentially spend with them in the NICU.

I totally agree with Chantel .... I had prodromal labor (as she did) for weeeeeeks! All worth it in the end.

Try to focus on visualizing your babies growing inside you .... each bite you take making them stronger. Cheesy, but it helped me.
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You're almost there . I know how uncomfortable you are nearing the end. It is not fun. My twins arrived at 36 weeks, 6 days and I was sooooo ready to be done. I dealt with contractions and was dilating from about 33 weeks onward so I'm not sure that would be an accurate sign of things to come . They spent 5 days in the hospital (although I was in for that long too due to my complications). They dealt with a bit of jaundice but other than that they were healthy. Even though they were fine I still sometimes wish I could have held on a bit longer. And those weight measurements done by ultrasound can be pretty off. At 35 weeks my babes were measured at about 6lbs each. When they were born almost 2 weeks later ds was only 5lbs 8oz and dd was 6lbs 3oz.

Hang in there.
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38 weeks exactly.
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My twins were estimated to by ultrasound to be much larger than they actually were. The day before delivery, DD2 was estimated at 7 pounds, and DS at 8. They were born 5 1/2 pounds and 6 1/2 pounds. DS spent three hours in observation in the NICU right after birth, and DD2 spent 24 hours there on the third day of her life. DS's stay was because he wasn't breathing well, and DD2 because she dropped to only 4 pounds and was very jaundiced.

We were 36 weeks and 6 days, and delivered by c-section because I had cholestasis, and the recommendation at that time for maternal cholestasis was planned delivery at 37 weeks.

Those last few weeks carrying twins can be awful. But those extra few weeks are also when your babies are packing on the pounds and putting the finishing touches on lung development. Low birthweight babies, even ones born close to term, are at risk for a whole host of subtle developmental deficits.

So hang in there, mama! I was fully effaced and starting to dilate, with my singleton, at 31 weeks, but we made it to 39 before labor started. So contractions, and dilation, may mean very little when it comes to predicting your babies' birthday!
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Thanks mamas.. I needed to hear a good bit of that. Somedays I wonder if Ill make it to the end of the week and others I think.. nope.. going to go all the way! LOL.

Im not too afraid of low birth weights for us as my family is known for large babies.. not to mention going 2-3 weeks over due (but then again.. none of them had twins! LOL)

My goal is 38.5 weeks ( for more reasons than one) and I hope I can make it.. I just wish time would go by as fast as it did during the 2nd tri! LOL
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41 W 5 D

I was so ready to be done and would have been induced at 39 weeks if the right back up doc was on duty. Instead I waited and was induced at 41 weeks. It failed and they were born when they were ready.

8lbs 3 oz and 6 lb 9oz. No nursery/nicu time, but baby b always seemed undercooked to me.

Hang in there! Soon it will be distant memory!
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they were 5 lbs 9 oz and 6 lbs 10 oz an no nicu time
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well.. I was checked today and MW is guessing 1.5-2 weeks.. if that. Im now 2cm/70% effaced..

guesses? lol

hopefully no nicu time will be needed.
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My guess is March 1st **evil grin**
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Originally Posted by Intertwined View Post
My guess is March 1st **evil grin**

oh dont you dare jinx me!! LOL
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I had mine at 38w2d. I had no signs of labor, and the only reason we went ahead with the section was because my Baby A had his foot in the door. He was footling breech, and Baby B was full breech. Due to the fact that I live an hour away from the hospital that does sections, we decided that 38w was pretty darn good for twins and it wasn't worth the risk of me going into labor with a footling breech an hour away from medical care.

That being said - i was totally done....my pubic bone still hurts 4.5mths later....
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37 weeks 3 days. C-section due to placental abruption of baby A. I was so done. 7 pounds each.
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35w1d, 4lbs 15ozs and 5lbs 15ozs and 10 days in the NICU.
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