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Originally Posted by fairyandgnome View Post
oh dont you dare jinx me!! LOL

Who, ME!? It's so not easy but Mama I promise it was worth it in the end. I didn't have one second of nursing issues (or anything else, for that matter). Ok, Claire's mouth WAS really small and I have big ole nipples but it wasn't insurmountable. I can't imagine how fun that would've been if she'd been 5 pounds! YIKES!
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I'm with Intertwined. With a uncomplicated twin pregnancy and a family history of longer gestation, March 1st easy. Which is a good thing! See if you can find a pool to hang out in. And some compression socks. Whatever you need to make these next few weeks as comfortable and bearable as possible.

FWIW - I home induced with castor oil at 39 weeks, and I'm split on whether that was a good idea. I got the home birth I wanted and two healthy babes, but they were on the small side and at least one clearly wanted more time.

Good luck!
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40w3d and so worth it! And it was August!
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My girls arrived 37.5wks and I am so greatful they didnt come earlier! My one daughter was born with a heart defect and we did not know until delivery. She was in the hospital for 4 wks.

Hang in there mama, I know how tough it can be to have that extra weight. Just keep your eye on the prize, it is soooo worth it!
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34 weeks. Both were health but just too young, so spent 3 weeks in the NICU and it was another 4 weeks after that before either could nurse. Keep them in as long as possible and be thankful for everyday you can.]!
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40w 1d...totally worth it (also in August!) b/c they were 7lbs 8oz and 7lbs 11oz, nursed immediately and perfectly and spent no time in the NICU. Keep cooking, mama...they'll come when they're ready.
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33w 1d
They spent about 2 weeks in the NICU
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36w 4 days, the boys weighted 5lb 14 and 5 11 and No NICU even though we did have some feeding issue with Nate and low glucose when they were born.
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