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baby is breech at 34 weeks

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This is my third pregnancy and the first time baby has been breech this far along. I've been doing the inversions on spinningbabies.com But, at what point should I be worried? (My concerns are that baby's cord is too short/or tangled or that the placenta is attached too high). I've not had an ultrasound - and hope not to have one. CPM will deliver breech if baby doesn't turn. But, perhaps I'm worrying too soon - I'm not sure what the normal timeframe for turning is? Thanks!
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I think you still have plenty of time for your little one to turn. 34 weeks, still means that s/he has 6-7 weeks to go, hopefully. Lots of time to rearrange and get comfy. If you were 36 or 37 weeks, would your CPM try to turn him/her (ECV)?
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My other two boys were 36 weekers so when I had an u/s at 35 weeks and he was breech I freaked! But I'm 36 weeks now and he's flipped. So, I think you're good!!
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If you get to be 36/ 37 weeks, and baby is still breech, I've had clients successfully turn their breech babies with accupuncture.
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PLENTY of time mama, no worries. Your baby might flip back, then flip breech again, then flip back all in a day or a week. At this point it's normal and nothing to worry about. Keep doing your postures and exercises from the spinning babies, and yeah...if you get to 37 weeks or so with a breech baby, then try other procedures.
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Yep, you have time. It's great that your midwife will still attend the birth! That saves so much worry and hassle with switching providers.
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you have time! my DS turned at 35 weeks - after i saw a chiropractor for a few days during week 34(who specialized in pregnancy/webster technique) he wasn't turning because of a tight ligament .. he would turn transverse and then go back to breech the chiropractor fixed the ligament issue and he turned ..
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I also am on my third pregnancy and baby was breech at 34 weeks. By 35/36 weeks she had turned on her own. So there is hope!
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I was in exactly the same position as you a few years ago (3rd baby, breech at 33 weeks) and unfortunately my water broke just then.

However, what I've learned since then is that breech is a variation of normal, and it is amazing that you have a supportive care provider . Perhaps you could find peace with either outcome given the great circumstances of having a supportive CNM. Maybe research breech birth stories, tips, outcomes? There are some specific ideas for breech birth such as hands-and-knees positioning.

If you're prepared for either a breech baby or your baby turning, then you'll be fine whichever happens .
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