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I'm not pregnant yet am still waiting to o, but this time i do intend on sticking with breastfeeding through my pregnancy and the tandem feeding once junior arrives i felt guilty for giveing up so easy with my others, when i was pregnant with cameron i stopped breastfeeding chloe about 1-2 wks after i found partly because i didn't know any better and thought i was depriveing my unborn baby of nutrients but mainly because the hassle failiure to thrive where giving me telling me that because my dd was over 1 she didn't need breastmilk and should be drinking cows milk and they said she wasn't putting on enough weight because she was filling up on breastmilk now had i actually thought about it more i could of pointed this out 1)what benefit will switching from something specially designed to meet her nutritional needs to something that is meant for the nutritional needs of a baby cow do. 2) she was eating plenty anyway and her weight was (and still is) above the centile for her height. she was only breastfeeding once in the morning and once before bed and twice during the night anyway.
when i was pregnant with caitlin i managed to carry on breastfeeding till i was about 4 mths and then gave up through exahaustion, but cos cameron was only 11 1/2 months i've been feeling so guilty like i'm a terrible mum for depriveing him of what he needed especially as he was breastfed for the least amount of time and he is the one who has had quite a few ear infections
i stopped breastfeeding caitlin when she was about 26months (3 months into my pregnancy) because it was starting to hurt a lot and i was cringeing everytime she latched on.
i now know none of my reason where really valid ones so i am determined (hopefully with lot's of encouragement from all you lovely mummies) to get through it this time
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Originally Posted by xekomaya View Post
No, you would exclude the ones who were weaned, and make the others your full set (100%). If the percentages were different, you'd have to do a little calculation, but in this case it is just 50/50 But I'd rather 66% too b/c I want my little guy to keep going
That's so interesting. I just got my bfp last night () after trying for a year. I was starting to feel like I might not get pregnant until I weaned, and now fortunately I don't have to worry about that (for now)! My dd is 3 and still pretty attached to nursing. Okay, scratch that. She's still REALLY attached to nursing. We night weaned her last time I was pregnant, and hopefully that will help everything feel okay during the day this time around.

I'm not sure whether we'll try to tandem or not. I'm definitely interested in learning more (and have the Adventures in Tandem Nursing book too). I'm a little worried that it will be SUPER hard (my dd is pretty intense and I can imagine her being possessive about "her" boobies); I most definitely don't want to wean her suddenly after the baby is born, so if we "try" to tandem and it's super hard, I'll just have to suck it up or something. That scares me.

But yeah, I have a hard time imagining what weaning would look like. And I was SO SO SO glad that I didn't wean last time I was pregnant (m/c at around 11 weeks) because I would have been so bummed to lose the pregnancy AND our nursing relationship around the same time. It would have felt like a total waste to have weaned her.

Sorry to babble...
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Originally Posted by beckyand3littlemonsters View Post
i now know none of my reason where really valid ones so i am determined (hopefully with lot's of encouragement from all you lovely mummies) to get through it this time
Well, I don't know. I think many reasons are valid, and we each have to do what we have to do to make it through each day! I'm definitely happy to cheer you on and support you, but I don't think you should beat yourself up for your past decisions--there's no "right" answer in mothering, you know? (Contrary to what all the books will tell you)
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I'm still nursing 8-16 times a day. DD is 15 months and a complete boob monster. I'm so done with it already, but I'm too tired to try and wean and deal with the meltdowns. It's rough, but she's such a comfort nurser.
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My DD is still nursing but I too am definitely seeing that my milk supply is going down. In fact the first sign that I was pregnant was that my daughter's poop turned much more adult-like and away from the softer-better-smelling-breastfed baby poop. I am not super pleased that this is happening but I think she's determined enough to keep nursing through and I'll tandem them. We'll see how it happens though, as she's certainly old enough for me to feel she could wean herself, although I would never see that happening without the pregnancy as she's nursing 2-4 times at night plus another 6 times during the day at least.
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Originally Posted by calihannah View Post
Go POAS, MamaFern!!!!!!!!!
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My 22 month old son is still nursing all through the day and night. I really want to get him sleeping through the night, so that I can sleep through the night. I know that with this pregnancy exhaustion and nausea are coming. With 4 other little ones to care for, I think my only hope is some sleep at night.

I don't know where to start with weaning him. He will not like the idea at all. I am hoping some of you will have some suggestions.

My last 3 babies have all nursed throughout my pregnancies. I am not wanting to wean him entirely. I just really feel like I need a plan for getting some sleep.

Mother of DS9, DS7, DD4, DS1 and sweet baby in the womb.
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We night weaned a little after 2.5, so I'm not sure how much of our experience will apply to your situation. How verbal is your DS? We found that setting a cue (in our case a light on a timer or an alarm clock) and saying that mommy's breasts went to sleep from bedtime until the alarm/light went on helped a lot because we could point to something concrete. We talked about it a lot during the day and reminded her at bedtime what would happen. There were a couple of bad 3am meltdowns, but DH really took the responsibility for those. Consistency was key, and within 3-4 nights, we were all set.

For us, night weaning was a very key step in TTC, since I had a luteal phase issue that was likely caused by nursing, and while I didn't want to wean, I did want to get something resembling my fertility back. That gave me some resolve to follow through. Once we started, we did not waffle.

Note well: night weaning did NOT lead to sleeping through the night in our case. It did cut down the number of night wakings from 3-5 to more like 1-3, though. I also turned all of those wakings over to DH in our efforts to get pregnant (if I was up with her, my morning temp was all over the place, and we needed good data for charting).
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