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Montreal area pre-natal classes?

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The english class at our CLSC has been delayed until way too close to my due date, so I'm looking into other options. We live on the south shore, but I would be willing to travel into town (though I'd prefer an area with easy parking). I'm really looking for something that's very pro-breastfeeding, attachment parenting, etc. Also we're doing Hypnobabies which covers a lot about the actual delivery and birth, so I'd like something that covers breastfeeding and newborn care as well. So far the one group class that I've found in english is at Belles Mamans in the west island. There isn't much info about the topics covered. Anyone have experience with them or suggestions for other courses that would be a good fit?
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Oops, I meant to post this in the Canada sub-forum. My brain is pretty much MIA these days.
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What about the CLSC in the West Island (the one on Cartier) where the Birthing Centre is? I am not positive you can attend if you are not a client of the Birthing Centre, but it is worth a look, it is right in line with the things you mention, it has a breastfeeding and baby care component, I really enjoyed it.
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i've moved it for ya.
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I took the English course at the CLSC in Brossard, so I don't know about other courses on the South Shore.

While there though, an awesome lactation consultant came in for the breastfeeding class - she told us all about how she came to India in the 70s and struggled to breastfeed newborn twins among the big formula push of that era. She really convinced me that if she could do that, I could certainly make it work with one baby today!

She runs several lactation groups on the south shore, and they have a workshop every month for expectant mothers, if you're interested:

They actually had a cloth diaper workshop today, and next week is the prenatal practical workshop:

Another lactation group is MAM: http://www.mam.qc.ca/ I didn't have a car so I couldn't go, but my friend did and it was a major support system for her.

Good luck with the impending arrival! I'm in Saint-Hubert - where are you?
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Thanks for the advice, everyone!

Qbear'smama: I tried a couple of CLSCs and was told that they couldn't take me because I'm out of region. I will try that one though!

Dreamy: Our doula is actually with MAM! We're in Howick, southwest of Chateauguay. It takes us about an hour to get to MAM, and it seems as though most of the services are in French (my DP is from Toronto). We were lucky enough to get a perfectly bilingual doula, though. I will definitely have to look into those workshops! They sound right up our alley, and really what we want to focus on. Thank you!
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Does anyone want to be my friend? The nurse just told me the good news today and has been a great help,but other then that I'm pretty much alone here and don't have any girlfriends for the most part. I'd really love to have some Mama friends especially some that know more about this province then I do. Please send me a message and we can chat and meet over a decaff latte or something.
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Hi all,
The doula orginization called MotherWit just started offering childbirth education classes. First class is March 8th. You can get more info on their website: www.motherwit.ca
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ferndoula I think I found you on Google. You work with Rivka as well right?
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Rivka, as well as her partner Lesley were my teachers
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