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Homeschooling on North Shore

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Hi there - Looking to find an active homeschooling group on the North shore.... especially ones that have younger children...anyone have any ideas, heard of any, or belong to one?

There are no groups on meet up.com.
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After I posted this, I hit the jackpot of info! So if anyone else is looking for the info, I have it... here are some links....

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There are some great yahoo groups that are very active. One is hub homeschoolers
in harmony homeschoolers
If I think of more I will post.

Oh and this one I dont belong to but, You should join it!
north shore home learners
When the weather gets nicer we have a home school park day at larz anderson park in brookline. They have a great playground and field for picnicking right next to it. Its a good way to meet some people who are also interested in HS'ing.
peace mama
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Here's our homeschool group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nsyounghomeschoolers/

Our kids range in age from infants to 9 years old or so. Most of our activities are geared towards 5-7 year olds, but are easily adaptable for younger and older children. We do book club, science day, toddler story time, and Earth Scouts every month, along with frequent field trips and outings to places like Monkey Joe's, bowling, etc. In the summer, we do lots of park days and whatnot. We absolutely love new members, and members who are willing to jump in and plan fun activities.

We mainly meet around Beverly, Salem, Danvers, Peabody, etc, but occasionally spread out towards Stoneham or Reading and Gloucester.
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