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Civil Unions/2nd parent adoption

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Hi everyone!

Today, the senate voted to pass a civil unions bill here in Hawaii. That's exciting, and hopefully it won't get filed away like it did last year. It's now going to the House where we're hoping for a veto proof majority. *fingers crossed that our Fraggle gov. doesn't get the chance to veto*

So if this bill does pass, and DP and I do a civil union, will that make the 2nd parent adoption process easier? Hawaii doesn't have any laws regarding 2nd parent adoption. There have been some Honolulu courts that have granted them, so I guess we'd have to try to find a "friendly" judge. I'm so cautious to begin the process, not knowing what to expect.

Send out the positive energy toward Hawaii!! Please let these representatives vote for fairness! (P.S. Check out our gov. doesn't she look like Loki from Fraggle Rock?!)
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Wow, awesome!!! Sending positive vibes your way about the civil unions bill and 2nd parent adoption!
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In Georgia, where there is NO civil union/domestic partner/anything pro-queer legislation, we had no trouble doing a 2nd parent adoption. However, at the time there was only one law office in Atlanta doing them, and there were only 3 counties in the entire state where the courts had even been presented with such cases and passed them through. We were very fortunate. Unfortunatley we now live in an even more conservative state which has specifically passed legislation disallowing 2nd parent adoptions. I can only imagine that if HI passes their civil unions bill it will only make it easier for you. Good luck.
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Thanks Andrea and Kelly! I'm cautiously optimistic.
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