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Special needs stroller

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I have been looking at the Maclaren stroller for special needs. My DS (4) has mild CP and wears AFO's. He can walk with his AFO's on, but tires easily. We travel quite a bit and use his current stroller, which is a jogging stroller. Knowing that he will be in the AFO's for a while, I have started looking into a special needs stroller. What are the advantages of these strollers over a regular stroller? Particularly for a child with mild CP, that requires only AFO's for walking, but but has no other medical interventions.
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Most special needs or adaptive strollers are geared for kids who can not adjust themselves well, so they provide support and keep their positioning in line. They also have high weight limits. They are also pretty pricey, but our insurance covers ours. However, I do not think they would if DD walked.

Since your DS can position himself and walk, I would look for a regular stoller with a high weight limit that he feels is comfy.
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Thanks so much! That is exactly what I needed to know. Just wasn't sure if he would be more comfortable in special needs stroller or if a regular one will be sufficent.
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If he does not need extra support, I'd definitely get a regular stroller with a higher weight limit. The SN ones are quite bulky and heavy. Maybe the ones for milder kids are lighter..I don't know. Our kimba is a beast, but necessary for DD unfortunately.
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If you can get away with a regular stroller without causing any kind of spinal issues due to incorrect positioning, do it. When he outgrows the normal strollers, if he still needs any help, I'd look into a wheelchair and not a stroller. We had the Kimba for Lily and now have the Chuc 45 wheelchair (she needs a massive amount of support though, so the situation isn't comparable).
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I was looking at the Maclaren Major, but I may just take him to test out a regular Maclaren stroller. They seem to have pretty good support.
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I am In a similar situation. My daughter almost 5 is tall for her age and is mild low tone. (She wears AFOs) to walk but tires easily .... I have a zooper umbrella style stroller but she is out growing it quickly.. Now what?? I don't really want a jogger. So big!!!
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I have another option, since special needs strollers are very expensive, you might consider a folding wagon.  I have a friend who has one, it is made of steel and canvas and can hold up to 150 pounds, and can easily fit in the trunk of your car.  If your child can sit up without any problems, this would be a great option (only about $70).  If they can not sit up, you probably need a wheelchair type stroller.  We have the Ottobock Kimba and love it.  I know you can buy a Special tomato stroller which has a very high weight limit (90 lbs), but is about $500.

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Thank you. I think I am going to try the maclaren techno XLR. Yes I saw the special tomatoes eio very nice but pricey. I don't think my daughter is service enough to get insurance to cover it
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