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19 month old DD has been congested for months now....

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Hi all. Well my 19 month old DD has been very mucuosy and congested for about the past 2 months. It actually started with a really bad cold and she was choking on her mucus and throwing up. Anyway after a couple of weeks of this she finally seemed like she was getting better but then it started to get worse again... She did get better again but she still has quite a bit of mucous and still chokes on it sometimes (though not as bad as in the beginning). So I am starting to think that maybe she has allergies.. I wouldnt think this is the time of year for allergies but we are in FL so it is normally somewhat warmer during the winter... I do have a dr's appt for her next week and I am going to talk to her about it, but I just wanted to check and see if any of you are also going through this type of thing. It worries me because it just doesnt seem like its going to go away anytime soon. We also just changed our air filters (which are made for allergies and helped us before) but I am not sure if its making a difference or not. Anyway I appreciate any advice!

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DS has a seasonal allergy issue. The Dr suggested saline drops in the nose, but sparingly. They def helped. good luck
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My son has "seasonal" allergies. Unfortunately he seems to be allergic to something for each season. We're in GA, so there's always some kind of pollen to bother him.

We started out treating with saline as well. But after repeated double ear infections, sinus infections so severe he had green gunk oozing out of his eyes and several upper respiratory/wheezing issues... we now have him on Zyrtec. We've been quite pleased with it. We have him on it at the recommendation of our ped, who is not the type to medicate just because.

We also have a nebulizer machine for when the wheezing gets bad. (My ped doesn't want to diagnose him with asthma at this point but she said if he doesn't outgrow it he'll probably be diagnosed with allergy induced asthma.)

Just wanted to offer you a bit of moral support and mention that in the south "seasonal" allergies can be all year round.

A few things that help him - menthol in the bathwater, a humidifier in his room (cool mist of course), propping his mattress up a little and giving him vitamin C daily.

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My oldest was really bad as a toddler. I ran a aircleaner ( hepifilter) in his room and in our living room ( areas he was the most) Did the humidifier and extra C. He was alergic to feathers and dogs ( he slept with a down comforter and our dog ) Dust mites are also a big thing so we bought a vacuum with a hepi filter also. I also bought new allergenic pillow and mattress cover.

We didnt have the issue but molds are big effenders.
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If your DD drinks cow milk, try to cut this out for a while. It is mucous forming.
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My DS is the same, but it all started when he started daycare. He is in a crowded daycare with 12-14 other toddlers so, he picks up every virus. Of course DH & I pick it up too, so we have vicous circle. DS is on his 4th round of antibiotics in 2 months. If this doesn't work I'm pulling him out of daycare for a couple weeks so that his body can fully recover.

Do you have the Nose Frida? I got mine on amazon & it really helps to clean the mucous out.

We did the Johnson's soothing vapors in the tub, but word of caution - it really dries out the skin. You might want to try Eucalyptus (sp) oil in the bath instead.

Don't forget...lots and lots of water.

My ped. also suggested the triaminic chest (yellow bottle). We give him 1/4 tsp in the morning and night when things get really bad.
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Is she in daycare?

When my daughter started daycare, she immediately got congested after never having been sick, and stayed congested for... forever. Or so it seemed at the time. I was really worried about it, but once she got over it she returned to full health and hasn't had an illness since (it's been a couple of years now).
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I HIGHLY recommend the book "Perfect Health for Kids" by Dr. John Douillard. He has a whole section about how kids (and some kids more than others) are mucous machines--what makes it worse and what makes it better. Very holistic, lifestyle stuff. Our DS was never very mucousy in general, but did get a cold more often than we were comfortable with. The book changed our lives!
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Thanks everyone for the advice... I am not sure why this started...though I am starting to have allergies now a little and the pollen is high... I guess thats what you get living in FL. lol

Anyway she doesnt drink any cows milk..I had been thinking about starting it but was waiting for her mucous to go away which of course it isnt... Also shes not in daycare.. She does sometimes pick up viruses from my son who is in kindergarten..

Anyway we just replaced our air filters and I am going to bring out the air purifier again and hopefully that will help some.. I guess theres not much else I can do really... I might have to check out that book though holiztic, sounds good!
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