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Newbie on Bedrest

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Hi! My SIL gave me a subscription to Mothering for Christmas...LOVE it...thought I'd give "community" a shot...I'm on my 10th week of bedrest...going "off" in a few weeks...and due February 28th. Anyone else have experience with bedrest? This is our fourth child and the VERY first time I've ever had anything other than a completely 'normal' pregnancy. Just curious about your experiences. Thanks!
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Hi!! I don't have any experience with bedrest but wanted to give you a warm welcome!!!!
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I am the queen of bed rest. 10 weeks of bed rest, both in and out of the hospital. It should have been 20 weeks, but I ended up delivering my girls at 30 weeks due to pre-term labor.

I had a very short cervix and was put on disability and sent to bed at 20 weeks gestation. I was allowed only the bed and couch. I have a 2 year old, and my husband became the primary caregiver: I could do nothing. I ended up going into PTL at 26 weeks and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. Went into labor again at 30 weeks, only it couldn't be stopped that time.

It was hard, but I managed an additional 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Hang in there.
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I'm not on bedrest, but I was literally in bed for about 4 months with hyperemesis. I could not even sit up some days and it was definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in life. It really put bedrest into perspective for me, because I thought about how it would be torture to have to stay in bed if you were feeling just fine. I got headaches from being in the wrong position, I had a bucket because more than half the time the bathroom was too far away.. oh lord, it was awful. DP and I agreed that if our next PG-cy is this bad again, we are done having biological children. I did a lot of blogging, got hooked on too many shows online, read up on so many things related to pregnancy, birth, and parenting...

If I could give you any advice it would be to keep trying new things if you're bored until you find something that keeps your mind off the situation. You can also invite family and friends over to help you plan for the baby, whether it's shopping online together, having them do laundry and keep you company, or just to watch a movie with. And hey, mothering forums are a GREAT way to pass the time. Being in bed is how I got involved, too!

Best wishes for a full-term, healthy baby and easy birth.
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I had bed rest for a short cervix and preterm labor. I was on restricted activty, which turned into modified bed rest, which turned into strict bed rest, which turned into almost 2 weeks in the hospital, which turned inot being "let off" and then I delivered soon afterward.

The hardest part was not having access to my toddler--and the fact that I had to stop work (start my MATERNITY) and general stop living the active life I tend to lead.

Congrats on getting through 10 weeks and getting off soon! It is so funny how during the time I was on bed rest, I couldn't imagine it being any worse, but now looking back I think, "it wasn't that bad. I could do that again." (which, if we had any more children, I am sure I would have to do).

Keep us posted on how you are doing once you are "released" from the bed!
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