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We are going to start All About Spelling next year. This year we're just focusing on basic reading skills. Language arts stuff doesn't come as easily to my daughter as say math and science concepts do. To each his own. I was a naturally good speller, and I see the difference between my learning style and hers and I do think both her reading and spelling will benefit from using an actual spelling program. She does really enjoy spelling out words to us when she masters a word family pattern, but I can see that mastering the pattern doesn't come as easily to her without practice, does that make sense? Like for me, I'd read it once and pretty much have it memorized, but I don't think that it comes that easily to every kid.

Another idea that I really think helps is finger-spelling out words with the ASL alphabet. We do this with phonics families sometimes. I think that "feeling" the pattern of consonants and vowels helps. JMO.

eta--just wanted to add that I do think there is a lot of value in being comfortable with spelling. I know that it gives me an edge for graded timed essay type tests (I could rock an AP exam in high school because of my writing skills even if I wasn't super comfortable with the subject matter, yk?); I also don't doubt myself when I fill out a formal application for a job or school (like have to take it home and look up words or whatever), etc, and I can write faster and more fluently in any situation because I'm confident in spelling. To me those are very handy life skills that I hope to help nurture in my daughter, so even tho it may be the "nerdy" homeschool thing to do, we will formally work on spelling.