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Where do you list your website?

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In an attempt to raise my websites visability on the web I realize I have to have multiple links to my site on the web so for those of you with a website where do you list it on the web or a better question is where do you link to it on the web? I am looking for preferably free sites. So far I have googled similar businesses in my area and any site that lists local businesses I have placed a free listing. Just wondering if I have missed any. I've done yellowpages.com, I think local.com etc... any others out there?


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Have you listed on Google local businesses? That's free.

WAHM/craft/crunchy topsites, refermyhomebiz.com, mamapedia.com, any local parenting websites, momsoutloud.com, etc.
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There are a lot of creative ways to promote your business for free - what sort of business is it? I can give you some ideas if I know what your site is trying to achieve?
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Your user profile in every web forum you belong to.
Your signature line.

You can also write helpful articles about your area of expertise and publish them on EzineArticles.com and eHow.com, then Bukisa.com (with links to your website in the article and in your user profile) Then, publish little blurbs at Xomba.com and SheToldMe.com If you enjoy writing about the topic, you could apply to become an Examiner, publishing regularly and making yourself look like an authority on the matter.

You can also create incoming links from a Twitter account and a Facebook Account.

Here are more tips from my site: http://30queries30days.com/wordpress...ncoming-links/
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Google local and article marketing through EzineArticles are excellent recommendations! I also suggest that you make sure your site is optimized for search engines.

Have you added your site to Google Webmaster Tools to see how it's performing there? You can also submit a sitemap to Google through the webmaster tools interface, which helps with getting your site indexed.
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