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It's good to know that others have children who won't play solo.

We had her cousin over yesterday and she played ALL DAY.

I wish I could convince our friends and family to stop giving us so many toys. Part of my problem is having to pick up and organize these mountains of toys that no one plays with.

It's time to donate some goods.
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Originally Posted by Funny Face View Post

It's time to donate some goods.
speaking of, today I told all four kids to fill up a trash bag of toys to take to goodwill, and the 4 yo is the one who actually picked a bunch of his stuff to donate. The other kids had a harder time even deciding on a couple toys to give away.
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My daughter plays with her baby dolls; likes to build a house with her play stand and silks (and then boss her 10 mos old brother around!); she builds towers; draws pictures; cuts up stuff to make crafty images (like a butterfly from a glittery gift bag); pretends she's a dog, a cat, a horse, etc.

The cutest thing was the other day (when, of course I couldn't find my camera), she had on her apron and had spread dishes out on her table and opened the children's Betty Crocker cook book circa 1950-something that my brother gave her for Christmas. She was cookin' up something!

She's also been in an mixed-age play based pre-school program since 26 mos old. So, this is some of the good learning that comes with that. Lots of potty talk and sassiness would be some of the bad.
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Trains and cars....... alll-day-long. I don't know how he isn't bored with them! lol I would be but hey - hes happy! lol
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My 3.5 year old loves to play, but hates to play alone. Left to his own devices he would alternate between "Mom, play a game with me," "Can I watch a TV show?" and running around the house screeching. I'm not sure at what age highly social kids start to play alone sometimes, voluntarily, for more than 2 minutes, but I'm hoping it's soon.

Right now the only time he'll voluntarily play alone is if he's hiding in a corner pooping.

Don't get me wrong, I like playing with him, but I would love to be alone for a couple of minutes sometimes.

When we play lately it's been a lot of tag, bike riding, playground, & races but also Candy Land, Hi Ho Cheerio, play-acting, legos, trains, and marble run.
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My 4.5 year old prefers to always be playing with someone. Things he will do alone: play with cars or other vehicles, play a game on the computer or DS, sometimes build with Legos or blocks. I'm actually relieved to hear that so many other kids aren't greatly into toys. My older son has never been either, though when he was 4 he was still very much into his train sets. Now at 8 the only toys he gets into are ones that he can have "battle" in some way. :
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Mine plays with toys but not in the way they were intending. He usually gathers up little pieces of things or toys and piles them under cushions and blankets. He will play kitchen by himself and cooks up all sorts of things.
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Loved to listen to these stories and will be taking lots of everyones advise.  My 4.5 year old daughter just jumps from sofa to sofa.  Pesters me, the dog or her brother.  Does not seem to want to do anything and certainly doesn't play with any toys.  I am finding it hard to cope with really and been quite worried.  Her little brother is a lune though and has a great wild imagination so reading this i hope that her imagination will soon improve and she will enjoy her toys.  I think having to many toys, going to too many clubs, too much TV and computer and too much of me has got us here but hopefully fingers crossed i will owe it all to her brother!!  She is too extremely bright.  The nursery she attended as a child said she was gifted....  They did however point out to me that her social, imaganative and creatvie skills were behind and i have been desperatly trying to help her with this but never really got anywhere.  Again, sounds like little Bro will do it.  he is a crazy wild child.  Both my darlings no matter how they are though.  Thanks.

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