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Another sleep poll -- with a twist - Page 3

Poll Results: How many hours does your baby sleep consecutively, and how old is he or she?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 6% (58)
    Sleeps less than 2 hours in a row
  • 19% (179)
    2-4 hours consecutively
  • 12% (117)
    4-6 hours consecutively
  • 7% (67)
    6-8 hours consecutively
  • 6% (57)
    More than 8 hours in a row
  • 9% (85)
    Baby is less than 6 months old
  • 16% (155)
    6 - 12 months old
  • 14% (138)
    12- 24 months old
  • 6% (63)
    2 - 3 years old
  • 1% (15)
    Older than 3
934 Total Votes  
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i like sleep!!!

My ds only ever woke once a night even as an infant usually at 5am or so and that gave me at least 5 hours of deep sleep...

At 9 weeks he was sleeping 12 hours and has done that ever since...he naps once or twice during the day 2-4 hours...depends on our day and his mood!!

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Jacob is 13 month old. He sleeps about 5 hours from the time he nurses to sleep until his first waking and then nurses every 2 hours until 6:30am, when he wakes like clockwork. He naps twice a day, anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours per nap.
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kai sleeps with us and usually sleeps for three hours one time during the night and then wakes every hour and a half to 2 hrs for the rest of the time. We are trying some pantley tricks so hopefully this will improve a little. He is 8mos
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Almost six months. Will sleep about two hours in a row.
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Almost 2.5 and still wakes to get in our bed every night. I would say 4-6 hours is the longest stretch. Is the only answer moving her bed to a different room? i really want her to learn to sleep all night because I don't want her crawling into our bed on our newborn 5 months from now, when I may not realize what she is doing (of course I will probably be more alert because i'll be waking with the baby, etc). Usually I don't even wake up when she climbs into our bed so I can't nip it in the bud. I wake up later and she is cramming me into the wall or, like early this morning, putting her feet up on my face. Nice.

I can't believe there are actually children her age or younger who sleep 8-12 hours at a stetch! OMG!


PS--my daughter has been nightweaned since 19 months and fully weaned since 26 months.
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What am I doing wrong!? Some of you mamas are really lucky. My 9 month old wakes every 30-60 minutes after first going to bed, and then squirms, kicks me in the gut, and reaches for my hair every 1- 2 hours all night long, (whether she has nursed or not), often for an hour duration till she eventually settles. My 2.5 year old woke frequently too, and only started sleeping for blocks of 4-6 hours straight at 27 months. DD#1 still wakes once to join us all in the big bed and occasionally reverts back to waking often with crying. Both my girls slept much better as tiny babes till around 3-4 months of age. Any tips? An ironic twist is that this evening dd#2 slept for 2.5 hours straight after I put her down!!!!!!!!!!! I am off to join her.................G'night, (cannot believe that there is no MDC smilie icon for someone yawning)
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Shirada - - you are doing nothing wrong. Babies are all different!

I'm still up a lot too, and would consider a 4-5 hour stretch a rare treat.
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Nathaniel is baby #2 and sleeps MUCH more than his brother did. He is 3 months and goes to bed @ 8:30 & sleeps thru to 1:30- 2:30- nurses then sleps until @5am nurses & sleeps until big brother wakes him up-- anywhere from 7am- 8:30 am. (But will go back to sleep till 9:00 if brother leaves him alone)

This makes my life much easier as I am actually getting some sleep! He has had this schedule since the first week . His brother had no schedule- would wake and nurse at all times...(often every hour & half)
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Natasha is eight weeks old and for a couple of weeks now has been sleeping for a five hour stretch most nights, followed by a feeding and a two hour stretch. I consider myself very lucky! dp and I have been told we look pretty good (ie, not totally haggard) for being such new parents, and I think it's due to dd sleeping like that combined with co-sleeping so that early morning nurse really doesn't hurt so bad.

naps during the day though...she almost always needs to be carried.
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Maisie is 10 weeks old. She's been a pretty good sleeper since about the second week. Now she's sleeping from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. (7 hours - yippeee! ) She wakes up then to nurse for half an hour and goes back to sleep for about another three hours. Life is good. I pray it stays this way.
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N e e d m o r e s l e e p

Avey is almost 3, and usually sleeps from 9- at least 7, except for when he goes to daycare 3 days a week, sometimes he doesn't go to bed that early and sometimes will sleep later
Abby is almost 9wks old and she is a sporatic sleeper. She prefers to be held and will not sleep for more than an hour in the crib...she usually sleeps in the car, and she prefers our bed, which is where she sleeps...what can I say, sleeping with the baby is better than no sleep.........sometimes......until I wake up with a hicky on my boob because she grabs the wrong part when I am sleeping ....Avey did that LOL luckily it has not happened with Abby ....yet....
When Abby is in our bed, sometimes she will sleep 4-5 hours in a row....and then the next day she is usually stuck to my breasts all day....
then she has days where she sleeps like 2 hours all day and is up til 1 in the morning .
I think it depends on if she is having a growth spurt
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3 years old and sleeps 10-12 hours at night, and a 2 hour nap during the day.
He's always slept like a LOG........ we still have to WAKE him up with all that sleep!

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You are so lucky!!!!

Must be nice! I would love that!!!
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My baby will be one in a week and sleeps 2 or 3 hours at a stretch. My two and a half year old sleeps through the night (8pm-6am) and has since he was 15 months old. He also takes a 2-3 hr nap. We nightweaned him at 15 months because I was pg, and dh started getting up with him. After one night, he decided it wasn't worth it getting up for dad.
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Veronica has just turned 3 months.

she sleeps from 11ish (we dont put her to sleep till we are ready to go too) till 7ish (dh's alarm goes off)

I change and nurse her, and we sleep till maybe 10ish

she takes a few 1 hour naps, maybe a 2 hour one early evening (4-5ish)

:sinister :sinister :sinister :sinister
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3 1/2 yo - 8:30ish - 7ish (will co-sleep from around 1-4am to morning)

2 yo - 7:30ish - 6ish (all night in her own bed (crib))

2 mo - 10ish - 8ish (up every 4-6 hours, co-sleeping)
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My 10 month old DS wakes about every 2 hours. I am so glad I'm not alone! DH apparently didn't sleep more than two hours at a time 'til he was 2yo, so I guess I'm in for another year of no sleep. Oh, well, he's a happy, well attached baby, and that's more important than sleep, right?
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7 months old and 11 hours, then back to sleep for an hour or two. 4 30 minute naps a day.
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i had to vote

because my son is FINALLY sleeping all night. he will be four on 23 feb. & has just recently weaned... i think. hasn't nursed for maybe 2 weeks. before he would nurse to sleep @ 10:00 or so & wake up around 1am like clockwork, nurse a minute & stay asleep till morning. now AT LAST he falls asleep w/out nursing. i read to him or rub his back & he is out cold till 9 or 10 am. i never minded him waking at night; i would fall back asleep while he nursed. but the last few months were hard; i was starting to feel REALLY irritated by the nursing. i am SO glad i let him self wean though. i am proud of myself, & of him, he's doing wonderfully!

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Nicholas is 22 months old. he sleeps about 2 hours at a stretch. waking to nurse every couple of hours all night long. he goes to sleep around 11 pm, and wakes around 8:30 am. He naps for 1-2 hours around 3 pm.
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